Saturday, July 27, 2013

Red Velvet Ant

This red furry guy was in our yard this week.   I did some research and found out he is a Red Velvet Ant.  No, not sweet like Red Velvet Cake, but mean like a wasp!  That's right, this is type of wasp, and he is sometimes called a Cow Killer because of his bad sting.  

Mom, thanks for the Big World Report, but I don't want to be friends with this guy.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

That's a BIG Frog, and That's no Bull!

 We have seen toads in our pool, like this little guy who is maybe 2.5 inches long.  

 A toad is a toad, and this little guy does not bother mom much.

But last night, this is what was swimming in our pool!  A toad is a toad, but this toad is a Frog!  He was so big, maybe 8 inches long, not stretched out.  I did some research, and found this is a BULLFROG, the largest of all frogs!  It has some brighter green near his face, and his back legs are disproportionately long, and no webbing on his front feet.  Wow, now that's a big frog, and that's no bull!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Whoo Are You, Whoo Whoo, Whoo Whoo!

This is another (late) installment of mom's visit to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge up north of us near Sherman TX.  The Raptor Project was there doing an educational show about raptor birds.  We don't like seeing birds in captivity like this but as noted in my last post, most have been injured in some way so the Raptor Project took them in to care for them as they would not make it in the wild.

Mom met a lot of new owl friends for me!

From the cutest, like this Gray Morph Screech Owl, who lives in the Americas...

To the largest owl of all, the Eagle Owl, common in the UK!

Yikes, look at those talons!  He could carry a little JellyBean like me away!  I think this might be a Barred Owl.

This Snowy White Owl, is well, very snowy and showy!

And here is the very smallest of owls, the Burrowing Owl! 

That is a great Big World Report, mom!  Thanks for finding me all these new Owl friends! 

 Whoo Whoo!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Barn Owl and Baby!

 Much delays in getting mom to help me with this blog...sheesh.  
Well, here we continue on with mom's Big World Report, with a cute new friend, the Barn Owl!  

 He also was part of the Raptor Project demonstration which was at the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, which was doing demonstrations and education about raptors.
The Barn Owl demonstrated a flying exercise and flew right over all the people's heads!

 He flew around and then went to his owner's hand..... eat meat!

 Mom does hate that the birds were in captivity, but they said the birds in this show were all injured in some way that they could not make it in the wild.  
What beautiful wings he has! 

 The Barn Owl is very widely distributed species of owls.

 And what is this?  The Barn Owl has very cute fluffy babies!

This little guy sure is cute!  Oh, and he is not an eagle owl, that was another bird.
"Hello JB, will you be my friend?"

Naturally, I am very excited to have these Barn Owls as my new owl friends!

Whoo whoo whoo, will be in my next post?  Wait and see! 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bald Eagle Sighting!

A few weekends ago, I sent mom on a Big World Assignment to the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge up near Sherman TX.  This is about 45 minutes north of us.  There was an event going on called BirdFest, and everyone knows how I love birdies!  These were some really big birdies!

Though mom and I don't like seeing birds in captivity, mom did learn a lot at the presentation from traveling exhibition called The Raptor Project.  She also saw these birds way close up!

There were lots of birds of prey there but the star of the show was Uncle Sam, the Bald Eagle!  He has been with the owners of this exhibition for 20 years, as he lost a portion of his left wing in an accident a long time ago.  

The owners of this traveling show do wildlife rehabilitation.  Those birds that they can heal get released back into the wild, but those that sustain serious injuries and can not be released back in the wild, stay with this traveling road show.  The show helps educate people about these wonderful feathered friends.  The owner of the show says he hires "the handicapped".

Uncle Sam:  Hi JB!  I hope you think I am fabulous!  Your mom said this is the closest she has ever seen a Bald Eagle before!

Thank you for this Big World Report, mom!  I really like Uncle Sam, and I do think he is fabulous!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

VERY ANGRY at Our Neighbor

We are all VERY angry at our neighbor who has the tuxedo that they let roam free in our neighborhood.  Don't read this post further if you don't want to be upset.  Mom and us cats enjoy watching Mister, the rabbit, in our yard as some of you know.  Mister and Misses had some baby rabbits that recently were running through our yard and our next door neighbors' yard, and our next door neighbors have caught a few pictures of the babies even.  
Well, tonight, the stupid tuxedo (the one that makes Charli very anxious when he is introoding in our yard), hunted one of the babies and ate it for dinner right in our next door neighbors' yard.  We are all VERY ANGRY with our other neighbor, who this tuxedo belongs too, for allowing him to roam free.  Mom and our next door neighbor sent an email out to our entire HOA to let everyone know what happened and how horrified we all are. 

 Cats should be kept inside for their own safety and for our wildlife's safety.

 We are all very upset.

This is a photo mom took of Mister in our yard just only an hour ago, before this horrible incident occurred.  We and Mister are now in mourning over the baby bunny.  Mom was supposed to buy carrots at the store for the baby yesterday, but with the bad storm we had, she was not able to get there.  We also hope Mister is ok, as we have not seen him since this happened.
May there be loads of carrots for this baby rabbit at the Rainbow Bridge.  RIP Mister's baby.  We will miss you.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Yikes, Yellow Belly!

Mom was not pleased to find something from my Big World inside our Small World. 
This appears to be a juvenile Eastern Yellow Bellied Racer SnakeHe has now gone to the Rainbow Bridge in our trash can....not poisonous but mom said he can not be my friend.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Do Dogs Wear Hats?

Mom went to the McKinney Farmer's Market again this morning. I told her if she went, she would also have to be on Big World Assignment!
Here is mom's Big World Report!

She brought back her footage, and I pondered the thought.....
Do dogs wear hats? 
A few little humans there must have also been pondering this thought!

Great Pyrenees, they do!!

"Yes, JB, I'm afraid sometimes dogs do wear hats.  If you are a Great Pyranees like me, our temperament is very patient, so alas, I am being very patient with my human today, allowing her to dress me in this silly hat!"

Who knew dogs wore hats?  I must ponder this some more.
One thing I do know?  I, JB, will never EVER let my mom dress me in a hat! 

Be sure to stop by JB's Small World too, to see me and my siblings in action!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Chester of Chestnut Square.....Is He Real?

Mom decided to start doing Big World Assignments for me again, when she has time.  
I said, It's about time, mom!

I asked mom to go to Chestnut Square in McKinney, near our house to see if there really is another Chester the Cat, as we have heard rumor there is.  
My brother, Chester, thinks he is the one and only!  As if!

The Farmer's Market was going on, and mom thought she would never find Chester in all the commotion, but she decided to look around this plant seller.  Purrhaps they had catnip plants, and Chester might be around?

Mom heard something, and looked down near an herb plant, that looked oddly like a variety of catnip.  
There was Chester!  He was rubbing against the herb plant!

This Chester did not look like our Chester.  He was a tabby like our Chester, but he was a gray tabby with short hair.  He was just hanging out in the midst of all the noise at the Farmer's Market.  He told mom that he is real, he is famous, and he even wrote a book!

Mom was in awe, that Chester was really real.  Chester told mom to go into Dixie's Store across the street, and there she found that he certainly was famous!  He even had his own merchandise for sale!

This Chester the Cat adopted the people at historical Chestnut Square back in 2011.  My brother, Chester the Cat, adopted mom and me in 2009.  Who knew there were two Chester the Cats living so close to each other?

Sheesh, now my brother, Chester, wants to write a book too!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Birdie Smorgasbord!

Feast your eyes on this delectable Birdie Smorgasbord! 

We sure did in our backyard at my CatHouse!

Before you go, please stop by JB's SMALL WORLD too, thanks!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baa Baa, Bye JB's Mom

So mom is way behind in helping me blog, as usual. This is the last installment of mom's Big World Assignment to England

Mom's hotel was in Sidmouth right on the sea.  The last morning, she and the Flat Cats enjoyed one more whiff and sniff of the fresh sea air.

 Mom had very much enjoyed the stunning view from her room.

And the view of her favorite thatched roof house.

There was one more excursion to the other end of the beach, to admire the view some more.

The Flat Cats enjoyed it too!

Sadly, it was then time to take the "highway" back to the airport.

Mom stopped at a relaxing vineyard, for a last cup of English coffee.

Last but not least, mom found me some English Sheep friends.  They were standing by to bid mom farewell from jolly olde England.
These English Sheep sure have very thick fur coats!

Baa, baa, bye JB's mom!  Come back soon!

That concludes mom's Big World Assignment to Sidmouth, and Devon EnglandTill next time!

 Before you go, please stop by JB's SMALL WORLD too, thanks!

Monday, July 9, 2012

English Cats are Fab!

Continuing on from mom's Big World Report in Devon, England, mom and Milo and Alfie's mom made their way back over the hill back to where mom was staying and where Milo and Alfie live, in SidmouthSidmouth is a beautiful little coastal town, and mom loved it there.

Upon arrival at Milo and Alfie's house, mom met none other than the famous Milo and Alfie!
"My name is Milo.  I am an English Cat.  We got a visit from these also equally famous Flat Cats from Texas!"

"My name is Alfie.  I must inspect the Flat Cats to make sure they are not introoders!"

 Mom said this part of her Big World Assignment was a study on whether English Cats have as good control over their household staff as American Cats do.
In this photo, they seem to be as they have their dad trained quite well with treat dispensing!

 Milo:  I am an English Cat and I have staff!  AND, I have tissue paper!

Alfie:  I am and English Cat and I have staff.  AND, my mum and dad are trained to a T!

These findings seem to be true as Alfie proceeded to have his dad entertain him with a simple stick and some feathers attached to a string!  He had trained his dad to wave the stick in the air on command.  
Good job, Alfie!

Milo:  JB, English Cats are FAB!

I must agree.  I do believe English Cats are definitely FAB!

 Before you go, please stop by JB's SMALL WORLD too, thanks!