Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I LOVE bugs!!!!! We moved into our new house recently, and Mom did not like all the bugs that kept coming in the house. Big bugs, small bugs, spiders, beetles, and SCORPIONS! Did I mention that I LOVE bugs? If there is a bug in the house, I will find it. One day Mom found me playing with this huge scorpion. She freaked out and killed my friend!

Reptile Friend in Morocco

Here is my last friend from this trip Mom took......actually I am not sure if he is a friend. He is a snake, and he was being charmed by the snake charmer. I don't know if I like snakes.

Camel Friends in Morocco

Here are my friends the camels from Tangiers Morocco! They have to work all day. I sure would not like to work all day. Mom said that the people there make lots of money trying to get tourists to go for a camel ride. I don't think I would like to ride a camel. I would much rather ride on my mom's back when she lets me!

Barbary Ape Friend from the Rock of Gibraltar

Here is my friend, the big Barbary ape from the Rock of Gibraltar! Mom said the apes were running around all over the rock, and some even jumped on top of mom's car! They live on the rock and are the only wild apes in all of Europe!

Friends from Spain

My mom and Daddy Len went to Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco in April. They got some really neat pics there of some of my new friends in my Big World. Here is my friend Roberto the horse from Marbella Spain, and Paco the dog from Ronda Spain. Paco sure looks like he needs a bath! Roberto took Mom and Daddy Len on a carriage ride through the town

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Feathered Friend from Aruba

My other friend, the pelican, I like better, because he is a bird, and I love birdies! Mom said the pelicans were constantly swooping down into the water to catch fish. Each pelican had a seagull hovering over their heads to scavenge and catch scraps of fish.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Reptile Friend from Aruba

My mom loves to travel and she always brings home neat pictures of the animals she sees. Last month she went to Aruba with Daddy Len. She told me she fed papaya to some iguanas! I think I would have liked iguanas too if I was not always so scared all the time!

Greetings from my Big World!

Hi! My name is JB, and this is my Big World. Please stay tuned for exciting info about my animal friends around the world.

My mom helps by taking pictures of my animal friends for me in all the different places she visits. I also will also be getting help with pictures from mom's friends and family, because I don't know how to take pictures and I don't travel, because I am a cat!

All of my posts will be REAL stories or anecdotes about REAL animals, and none will be just copied from the internet.

I hope you enjoy my feline perspective. C U later, and come back soon!