Friday, November 30, 2007

Trauma at JB's House!

Today was a very bad day! I think I knew something was up, but it was too late.....Mom grabbed me and put me in my cat carrier, and put me in the car. I started hyperventilating, crying, and shrieking really loud, and if you heard it, you would not have believed such loud sounds could come out of such a small Jelly Bean! We were off to the vet's office.

At first I waited in my box in that little room, waiting for Dr. Staph. I was shaking so hard that my Mom took me out of the box and held me while we waited some more. Then a girl

came in and told mom that she would weigh me and take my temperature.....yeah, I knew what that meant.....I'd get a cold thermometer up my butt.......not a good feeling, let me tell you! After I came back from that ordeal, I decided to hide my face as hard as I could in mom's arms, so maybe nobody could find me!
But, it did not work. Dr. Staph came in and gave me my yearly exam, and checked all my parts to make sure I was healthy. He also gave me my rabies shot. By this time I had calmed down, as I knew it was almost over, and we would be going home soon.

Then we left, and I was safe at home again. I was a little disoriented when I poked my head out of my box, but then I was soon back to normal. Dr Staph gave me a good report except for my teeth. I heard him whispering to mom that I'd have to get my teeth cleaned around February or March. I will definitely have to think of a plan to get out of that!!

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myonlyphoto said...

Nice cat photos. This is first time I saw cat with red eyes or yellow yes on the photo. For some reason when I took photos of couple of cats, I got blue and yellow eyes, it looked really cool. Very nice photo set, sounds like lot of fun. Anna :)