Sunday, December 2, 2007

Does this Ostrich Look Like a Pincushion or a Rubber Chicken??

Here are some more pictures from Aruba. They are of ostriches from an ostrich farm there. They are really big funny looking birds, and they live at this farm to educate people who come to visit.

Mom said that the guide at the farm told her that the females get really jealous of each other. When one female has a male partner, she will pluck the feathers out of any other female that shows any interest in that male. The male will then start plucking the feathers out of the new female too, just to act like he was supporting his girlfriend!

I think this is so silly! Sometimes I wonder about my animal friends! This does not sound like normal behavior


Artsy Catsy said...

Hi there, JB! We're so glad to meet you, and we've added you to our blogroll!

Those are the biggest birds we've ever seen -- we hope you didn't try to bite one & pick it up & carry it home to give to your mom as a present!!

Many Meows,
& the Artsy Catsy staff

myonlyphoto said...

jb really like your images of ostrich especially the head shots. There is so much character in them, and thanks for the interesting write up. Anna :)

ericat said...

If that ostrich try to bite you just grab him around the neck. He will go limp immediately. You must be fast.. if he kicks first - you are gone.