Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gargoyle Alert, Gargoyle Alert!

Daddy Len came home from a bike ride yesterday and told me he saw a scary gargoyle. I had no idea what a gargoyle was. I thought it was going to be really exciting to see the picture he took.

Well, it wasn't! Daddy Len played another joke on me! I think he was getting back at me for calling him bald in my last post!
Gargoyles are not real, and Daddy Len knows I only like REAL animals!
The Gothic gargoyle was usually a grotesque bird or animal sitting on the back of a building's gutter or cornice and used for projecting water or rain away from buildings. This gargoyle was just sitting at the entrance to someone's house, on Daddy Len's bike ride route. Not too exciting, huh?
Stay tuned for a REALLY fun animal tomorrow. Clue: What likes to stand on one skinny leg, is pink and has snuggly feathers?


Around Your Wrist said...

i'm glad this gargoyle wasn't too scary. did you know that there are some gargoyles shaped like kitties?!

Anonymous said...

It is alittle scary looking.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jelly Bean, thanks for stopping and taking time to leave a comment. Your blog is so nice too, all animals and stories are incredible. And, by the way, Happy 2008 to you!!!