Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pleasant Pasture

Mom and daddy Len went on their first bike ride of 2008 this past weekend, because it was finally warm enough. Look! They saw some more of my animal friends!

They saw some pretty horses, and guess what! They were not working! They are able to spend time in a beautiful pasture and just feel the warm sunshine on their faces, and eat healthy grasses.

These horses live with some cows too.

Daddy Len named this
particular cow "Gateway"! If you
remember Gateway Computer, when they used to advertise a lot, well, they had a Holstein cow as a mascot.

This cow looks just like the Gateway Cow! Maybe he retired and now gets to live peacefully in this pasture! He must be eating too many carbs, because he sure has a big belly!

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Katherine and Pippa said...

Master and mistress go out on bikes too, but mistress is refusing to go because she says the wind is too cold. She is a wimp.

I am glad you read my Cat Paradise post. I thought about you when I was writing it. I can run fast too though you know, even though I look sleepy.

Michele said...

Oh JB. I am so jealous that there isn't all this cold white stuff on the ground over there. It does look so warm. I would love to give some apples to the horses, they are so beautiful.

Hana said...

Horses are beautiful, aren't they? My dad told me last night that he saw a segment on the black box about miniature horses. Then my mom said her eskie friend's sister has a farm of mini horses up in Canada! Wish I could see some mini horses. Do you think I could get a ride on them?

By the way, the beagle is okay. My parents were thinking of adopting a beagle before they adopted me, so beagles must be okay then!

Mickey's Musings said...

Those are very nice friends! They're cute too :)
The cow lasted longer than the computer,Heehee
Purrs Mickey

Thor and Jack said...

Hi JB! Your friends look so cool!
Beautiful blog and photos! Thanks for signing my guestbook! Hope you come back!

Love and licks

Kathryn and Ari said...

Tell your humans they need to get a basket for the front of their bikes: then you can be taken on their next animal adventure!

myonlyphoto said...

JB this brings all kinds of nice memories, including warm milk from the cow, lol. These are really nice photos, I love farms, and thank you so much for the reminder. Anna :)