Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bugs or Fish?

My mom likes to shop at her favorite grocery store,
Central Market. Last weekend, she saw some of my animal friends there, but she was afraid to tell me about them, because she thought I'd be upset again like with my last post about cows and beef!

It was Crawfish weekend at the market. Now, I usually like this market, as this is where my salmon comes from, but I am not so sure now!

My Crawfish friends were displayed alive in a big bin next to some foil wrapped potatoes!

Mom picked one up to show me how big they are! They have really big pinchers which scare me, and they like to live in mud in Louisiana.

They were displayed dead and boiled, at the fish counter inside......

These animals are sometimes called Crawfish and sometimes called Mudbugs. This makes me confused. Are they bugs or are they fish??

On my last post I said I would not eat beef any more, because cows are my friends. I would say that these Crawfish are my friends too, so does this mean I can't eat fish any more?

A thought to ponder........If I don't eat fish any more, I will maybe I will have to consider that these animals are just Mudbugs?

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Deetz said...

boiled they kinda look like mudbugs, so I would consider them mudbugs and go ahead and eat them. Please do not starve, I would miss you dearly.

Hana said...

That is quite a dilemna you have -- to eat fish or not to eat fish -- especially when you vowed you will not eat beef! Well, there is always tofu. And chickens, but chickens are your friends too. Such a tough decision. So, maybe just call those things Mudbugs!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I think crawfish are not really fish. So I think you can still continue to eat fish

~ Girl girl

Babs (Beetle) said...

They certainly look like mudbugs! I could never eat one of those, they are tooo creepy - eeeeuck!

Anonymous said...

A tricky question, but I think they are more bugs than fish, so, go on and eat them all!

Tybalt said...

Poor crawfish. :(

Pippa said...

You could always be vegetarian like me most of the time. Except you need to make sure you get your taurin. I think you can get supplements can't you?

Myself I would eat cats if I had half a chance. :) Only joking. Well, sort of.

myonlyphoto said...

JB you got to eat something, lol. BTW shell fish should not be consumed on regular basis, I think you should stick with normal fish. Thanks for sharing all this info, and photos. Anna :)