Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sweet Deer, a Daddy Goose, & a Cock-a-Doodle-Doo

Mom saw these new animal friends of mine at the village of Laren in Holland. Laren has a large park with lots of animals in it, like Deer and Geese!

There was a daddy Goose that was so fat, he looked even bigger than the deer! It looks like he is a Grey Pomeranian Goose, which is common in Europe.

The Deer were super friendly and tame because they were used to lots of people visiting them.

These deer has such sweet faces!

And they loved to get fed by the park visitors. I think this little guy must have still been hungry with his tongue out!

There was one big Daddy Reindeer, with extra-large antlers on his head! He must have been the big daddy of all the other deer.

Then what did my mom see running around the park? A White Leghorn Rooster! He had something on his head too! It was bright red, and mom told me it is called a "comb". Now why would a rooster need a comb when he has no hair??

Last, but not least......I pondered this thought......

The Deer and I have similar fur colors, and dark tails, so is there a chance I am related to them in some way? Ok, that is probably a silly thought to ponder, but it sure would be nice to have relatives who were this sweet and friendly! I am glad they are my friends!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This Cool Cat Thinks Coots are Cute

Here is the "house" of some of my new friends, the Coots. Mom saw these Coots on her last day in Holland. The adult Coots were taking care of their babies in the nest they built.

The babies were so cute and little, and had multi-colored heads! Sort of like fancy died punk hair-doos!

Their mom kept swimming around the pond bringing back food to feed to them.

Can you see the Coot nest in the middle of the pond? It was a nice peaceful pond. So serene and so calm, until..................

DANGER, DANGER! In swooped a mean Dutch Herring Gull!

Mom tried to distract the Gull from the Coot's nest by feeding it some bread.

He looks like a bit of a shady character, don't you think? His eyes look almost human and his beak looks very sharp and scary to me.....I would not want to run across this fellow by myself!

Finally when the Gull had his fill of mom's bread, he turned his birdie butt on my mom, and went away.

I think my mom helped to save my friends, the baby Coots, for one at least one more day. Otherwise, I am afraid to think of their fate, so unprotected in the middle of this pond!

Thank you, JB's mom, from us baby Coots! Please tell JB, we think she is one Cool Cat and we are glad to be her friend!

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Big World Reporter, Caught Faking a Report After Too Many Belgian Beers

Bruges, a town in Belgium, is also known for having lots of beautiful Swans. There are a lot of swans in the canals and the Minnewater, which is also called the "Lake of Love". There are lots of swans, ducks and other birds here. Since a symbol of Bruges is the Swan, I wonder why this swan does not keep up his appearance better? What a dirty neck!

I like swans. They are very elegant birdie friends.

Another sight you will always see in this area of Bruges is the Horse drawn carriages. I've mentioned it before, and I will mention it again.....I sure would like to get a ride from a horse friend in a carriage like this!

This horse got to have dinner with a nice view of the canal park area where the swans live.

Now what? Oh no! I think my reporter mom had too many Belgian beers! She tried to submit a report to me that she met a Golden Horse in Bruges!

Nice try, mom, but it won't work. I am a very smart Jelly Bean, and I know a FAKE horse when I see one!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Belgian Canine Friends!

Mom's latest Big World Assignment was only a week, but what a lot of animal friends she has found for me! Mom and daddy Len also took a short side trip to the town of Bruges in Belgium. And what did she find? Lots of doggies attending to their shops!

I did not know it, but I now have a Pug friend! This little Pug was inviting people to come inside his chocolate shop. Belgium is famous for scrumptious chocolates!

Here is a Bull Terrier friend. He was guarding the door to his shop from inside because he had just closed his lace shop for the day. The town of Bruges is well known for handmade lace too. Does this doggie look like he sells lace? He looks a little tough to me. You can see my reporter mom's reflection in the glass on the left side of his picture! At least I know she was not slacking off on the job!

Belgium had some friendly doggies. This German Shepherd rolled down his car window and hollered out: "Hi JB! I would like to be your friend!"

There was a lot of doggie love in Belgium, just like there is in Holland. I love my new Belgian canine friends!

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Salvatore's Parrot Show

Mom saw these parrots on the beach boardwalk at Scheveningen near The Hague, which is the seat of government for Holland. They were employees in Salvatore's Parrot Show.

People had to pay Salvatore to take pictures with the parrots. The parrots did tricks like walk a tightrope. Here the parrots were all sitting on a human baby's stroller. I sure hope these parrots are not the pecking kind for the sake of the baby!

Mom could not take very good pictures of these birds because she did not want to have to pay. By this time in on her Big World Assignment, she did not have many Euros left! This green parrot was making sure that everyone paid, and he showed mom where she could put her money!

I like these parrots! They have such beautiful colors. Maybe I could ask mom to bring one home to live with me at our house?

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This Grebe is Great!

Mom met this Great Crested Grebe at the fishing village of Muiden in North Holland. He has really pretty colors on the back of his head. Mom watched him for a while, as he was quite a character and very entertaining!

Grebes are excellent divers and he kept diving way down in the water and catching fish. This type of Grebe is the largest in Europe, but even so, that fish is way bigger than his head! Is he really going to eat that whole fish?

Yes! He ate that fish whole, all in one gulp! I can not eat my fish that way at all.

Mom asked him between dives if he wanted to be my friend, but he was too busy fishing underwater. Luckily, one of his friends already had a belly full of fish, and he said they would both like to be my friends!

Whoo hoo! I have more birdie friends! And you know, birdies are my favorite!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not Just Your Ordinary Pigeons....These are ROYAL Pigeons!

Mom saw these Pigeons at the Muiderslot Castle in Muiden in North Holland. They were very tame and friendly from being used to having so many visitors at their home.

They have beautiful royal colors and are very pretty. And guess what?

They are having babies right here at the castle! Can you see the speckled colored eggs?

The pigeons had lots of nests built outside the small windows of the castle.

I do suppose these babies will be "Royal" baby pigeons as they will be born in a lovely castle.

Pretty soon I will not only have these beautiful pigeons as friends, but I also will have some new baby pigeon friends! I sure do like this castle......I wonder if my mom could buy me a castle to live in?

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Friday, May 16, 2008

New Found Friend in a Newfoundland Dog!

What is this big black monster coming out of the sea in Volendam in Holland?

Mom told, that is was not a big black monster at all, but it was my new found friend, the Newfoundland Dog! This type of dog was originally used as a working dog in Newfoundland. They can weigh from 100 - 150 pounds!

This kind of dog is not a monster at all. They are known for their sweet dispositions and loyalty and they are experts at water rescue! Do you know why they are excellent at water rescues? They have webbed feet which makes them amazing swimmers!

I think this doggie is trying to do a water rescue of this log!

And he is rescuing this log too!

What fun this dog is having in the water! Can you see his furs flying? Speaking of his furs, an interesting fact is they are water-resistant!

My mom said this water was super dirty and oily from all the ships coming through from the sea. Lots of my doggie friends like to go in dirty water.....I ponder the thought as to why they want to get so dirty. Don't doggies like to be clean like me?

I snuck in a another photo of my mom on Big World Assignment! I am glad mom found me this Big New Found Friend. I like him a lot! I would want HIM to be the one to rescue me, for sure, if I ever needed it!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am a Cat, But I Have Lots of Doggie Friends!

Still reporting from Holland! Holland is known for lots of windmills, lots of tulips, and lots of cheese....but lots of doggies too? Yes! There are lots and lots and lots of doggies in Holland! Here are just a few of my new doggie friends.

My mom saw this first doggie shopping at the popular Waterlooplein flea market in Amsterdam. Now why would a doggie want to shop for fleas?? Oh, I know.....maybe he was selling HIS OWN fleas at the market!

Lots of my new doggie friends have special jobs. Here is a new Boxer friend, and he helps the captain of this ferry by keeping watch for dangers, as the official Ferry Guide Doggie.

Mom asked him if he wanted to be my friend, and he said: "I sure would! I have heard of the famous JB, and her Big World!"

Mom saw these 3 doggies walking near the beach on the island of Texel. Their job was official Beach Patrol Doggies. I am not sure what that means, but I am sure it must be important!

This next doggie was very important and was a Security Guard Doggie, and even had his own van! Mom could not find him because he was on an assignment, but she left a JB's Big World business card on his windshield to make sure he would know she had been there to meet him.

Some doggies do not do their jobs as well as my new friend, the security guard doggie. This German Shepherd, was attempting his job as Store Security at this beach boardwalk shop at Scheveningen, but he kept falling asleep on the job!

This next doggie friend looked like a Border Collie mix and mom met him in the fishing village of Muiden near the mouth of the Vecht River. He was very intent on making sure his fishing boat was ready to go in out to sea. His job as you might guess, was a Fisherman...uh, I mean Fisher"Doggie"!

Mom was able to get him to stop working for a minute to ask him if he would be my friend, and he said: "Please tell JB, I would love to be her friend, and she can come fishing with me any time! I don't know if I can catch any salmon for JB, but we have lots of delicious herring here in Holland!"

Here is another Border Collie type doggie. Mom met him in Volendam, which is another fishing village similar to Muiden. This doggie works for my first Border Collie friend, and he has a shop in Volendam where he sells the fresh herring that is caught at sea.

There were lots of doggies walking around all over Holland who had no particular jobs, other than accompanying their owners. Mom saw this next German Shepherd in Amsterdam. Hey, Maybe he can help me Free Adam the Lion from the coffeeshop!

This long-haired Dachshund was just walking around trying to look really cute for no particular reason! Mom met him at the beach at Zaandvort, which is another beach town like Scheveningen. Who do you think is cuter? Me or this new dachsie friend?

Last but not least.....I wonder if this Jack Russell Terrier can run as fast as me? I can run really really fast, you know!

All in all, Holland is a great country with lots of doggies. I believe that ALL cats and dogs can be friends and I am glad to have such wonderful new doggie friends!

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