Monday, June 23, 2008

Bamboo For Dinner?

First of all I want to say that my mom has been super busy, so I have not been able to tell many stories about my animal friends lately. This makes me very sad.......

My daddy Len saw this Panda Bear a while back at the San Diego Zoo. I sure do like my new friend, the Panda Bear. Maybe he could come over and snuggle with me since my mom is too busy for me!

Panda Bears are the rarest of the bear family and they continue to disappear. They are found in the wild in reserves in China, and their natural habitat is getting much smaller from humans encroaching on their space. Their number is only around 700 in the wild and about 200 in zoos. They just love to eat bamboo as you can see from this picture.

I like my new friend, but bamboo is not for me. I much prefer freshly grilled salmon lightly seasoned for dinner!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Horse & Buggy

This is my new Horse friend who also lives near the scruffy Doggie and Goats from my last post. This Horse has a very peaceful surrounding and nice fresh grass to eat. But what is that under that tree?

It is a nice brightly colored hand-carved Buggy! I think I should ask my new Horse friend to give me a ride in this Buggy.

And look! It has a little seat up front just the right size for me! I will let my sisters come along on the ride with me but they have to ride in the back. There is only room for me in front in that little seat! I love this Horse & Buggy!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Goat Herder

Mom saw these brown headed goats on a bike ride east of our house recently. They look like a variety of Boer Goats. Boer Goats originated in South Africa, and are very friendly and enjoy human company....and I am sure they must enjoy feline company too. I guess that is why this goat came running over to my mom! He told my mom that all the goats had been talking about JB's Big World, and he would love to be my friend!

But then a big dirty scruffy Collie type doggie was at full alert as he saw my mom conversing with the goat......

He told the goat to get away from the fence and go back and join the herd immediately!

This doggie's job was to herd the goats and keep them safe, but wasn't he a little strict? My mom was not going to harm them! She was just on Big World Assignment!

Then the big dirty scruffy Collie mumbled as he went on with his work: "JB's Big World, JB's Big World.....all I ever hear about from these goats is JB's Big World! I wish JB would not have sent her mom to disturb me when I am trying to do my job!"

P.S. I understand from Furry Paws, that this is a Great Pyranees Doggie!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Animal Friend Pranks on Planes

My mom and daddy Len are my two reporters that work for me in my Big World, and I send them on Big World Assignment when I am running out of new friends to write about. For those of you who don't know, my daddy is a pilot for American Airlines, and he sometimes plays jokes on me.

Here is a photo of the time when he told me he saw a Fox running across the runway at Dallas/Ft. Worth airport! It was a joke.....Frontier Airlines slogan is "A whole different animal" and they have different animals on the tails of their planes.

Then one day he said he saw a BIG CAT at the airport too! The BIG CAT ended up being a Mountain Lion on another plane! Come on, daddy Len! Stop messing with the Jelly Bean!

Then Daddy Len said he saw a brightly colored Parrot at the airport! I thought, wow, this could be super exciting for me! A pretty Parrot traveling on a plane? You know how I LOVE birdies! No.....another joke!

The last time I wrote about daddy Len's plane pranks, he said he was Stuck in Albuquerque with Frogs!

I keep telling daddy Len that I only like REAL animals! Hopefully after I reprimand my reporter, he will bring me back some more REAL photos of REAL animal friends!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

This Baby Birdie is Hungry!

Mom shot a few pictures of these Sparrows, who were also eating from our backyard bird feeder. That sure is a big mouth you have, little Sparrow!

The mommy Sparrow kept flying to the feeder and then bringing the baby more food. The mommy and the baby are just about the same size! I wonder how long the mommy will keep feeding the baby? (If anyone knows how long, please let me know.)

These photos are not so clear, because mom took them through our kitchen window, but what a cute sight these birdies are!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Smorgasbord of Birdies

Today I would like to present some of my other backyard birdie friends. You could say this is a Smorgasbord of Birdies for me and my sisters to watch, and this is very enticing for us! This first one is Mr. Blue Jay. He is a little scruffy looking but he has beautiful blue tail feathers.

Mr. Cardinal is another pretty colored birdie. He seems to like sunflower seeds a lot and has one in his mouth! Mom got the bird seed out the other day and some spilled on the floor. I tried to taste it and I did not like it one bit!

Mom is still trying to get a better picture of this Red-Winged Blackbird. They are hard to photograph!

We get lots of House Finches in our backyard. Mr. Finch has bright red colors.

Last but not least, I present Mr. Brown-Headed Cowbird. I heard that Cowbirds like to hand out with the Red-Winged Blackbirds a lot. I wonder if they are good friends with cows too?

The reason we have so many birdies in our backyard, is that my mom has a couple of feeders hanging from a tree. We LOVE to watch the birdies at my house!

In conclusion, I would like to say that no birdies were harmed in the making of this Smorgasbord of Birdies!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beep Beep!

Since my mom is not traveling on Big World Assignment again till Labor Day, I would like to show you some of my local Texas animal friends.

This is my friend, the Greater Roadrunner! He takes a sprint across our backyard every so often, and mom finally got a good picture of him after he jumped up on our fence. Roadrunners are members of the Cuckoo family. Did you know he can sprint up to 15 miles per hour and he only flies if he is super stressed out?

He eats almost anything that moves, like insects, spiders, scorpions, lizards, rodents and small birds. AND, guess what? He is famous for killing snakes! I guess my neighborhood should feel safer with such a brave birdie around, since our recent snake incident!

One thought that I do ponder (and you know I have a lot of thoughts), is why didn't I hear him saying "Beep Beep!" like in the cartoon? Or does he only say that when he is running away from Wile E. Coyote??

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Holy Moley, What A Sad Story

As many of you know, we have been having lots of trouble at my house with Armadillos (click here for story). There are Armadillos living in the pond area across from our house. Each spring, they come and destroy my mom's flower beds and yard. This year has been especially bad, as they keep digging huge holes under our house! These sneaky creatures come out at night and avoid being photographed.
Mom was working in the yard a few weeks ago, just after an especially bad dillo trench was dug in our front yard. Mom had to replace some bushes that were not doing well, and when she dug them up, she also dug up these babies! They were not bigger than mom's finger, had no eyes and she could see them breathing! They were found in some really tough hard clay soil we have.

Mom had armadillos on the brain, so she freaked out and against all her normal animal loving instincts, mom threw them in the garbage!

Later that day, mom got on the internet to see if she could verify what kind of babies these were. She found they were not armadillo babies at all! They were Baby Moles! Now even though moles have somewhat of a "pesty" reputation, mom was pretty upset about ending their lives! And can you imagine how I felt too? Mom killed my Baby Mole animal friends!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

See You Later, My Animal Friends From Holland!

Well, the day has come, for my last post of animal friends from Holland! My mom was only gone for a week, but can you believe how many new animal friends I have now over the last month of posts? My mom is a super Big World Reporter!

To recap my observations of my Dutch animal friends, I would say that the whole lot of them are very well fed! There does not seem to be any shortage of food anywhere in Holland!

This last set of photos was also taken in Haarlemmerhout in Haarlem, which is the oldest public park in the Netherlands. These animals help in educating children and visitors about animals.

Donkeys and Goats live here in complete peace and pleasant surroundings, with lots to eat!

Of course, if you know any Goats, they will eat all day if they are allowed!

Even Bunnies live here and look happy and eat a lot!

There are also a couple of Llamas living here, and this one likes to suck on a blade of hay!

Each one of the animals here is sponsored by someone, who helps to take care of the animal by donating money for their care. My mom's aunt sponsors one of the cute Bunnies. You can see boards like these in the park with all the sponsored animals' names on them.

Once the animals have eaten, it is time for resting. This Goose is really for a long nap. Look how well fed SHE looks too!

Even the chickens are super-sized!

Holland is known for many things, but I think Holland should also be known for its wonderful animals! I love all my animal friends and hope you have enjoyed meeting them too!

Tot ziens! See you later! All my animal friends wish you would visit them too some day!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pretty as a Peacock!

Here are my new fancy Indian Blue Peacock friends, and they live in the Haarlemmerhout, which is the oldest public park in the Netherlands. This park is near where my mom visited her aunt in Haarlem, North Holland.

Mr. Peacock was very intent on getting the attentions of his lady friend and showed his full spread of beautiful tail feathers! His lady friend, the Peahen was not as colorful as Mr. Peacock. She acted like she was not interested, but since it was mating season, he kept hooting and hollering at her and rustling his feathers.

Finally Mr. Peacock decided to take a rest, and try to show his affections again later with his lady friend.

Mr. Peacock has some fancy feathers on the top of his head too! Mom got some good shots of him. But then he started to get a little irritated with my mom, when she kept asking him if he would be my friend......


He slowly turned and started to walk away.....grumbling and squawking all the way.

Finally he had turned his birdie butt on my mom completely.

My friend, Mr. Peacock, is "pretty as a peacock", but he is also "pretty" irritable!

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