Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Importance of Prayers

Today I would like to introduce a backyard friend, called a Praying Mantis. He is known by this name, because he often stands in a praying position. When in this position, however, he is really not praying, but he is looking for his next meal of live insects. He is very good at camouflaging himself in order to not get eaten himself, though mom still caught a good shot of him!

On a more serious note, I would like to talk about the Importance of Prayers. There is a doggie called Jackson who lives in the UK who is very sick. He needs lots of prayers from as many of us as he can right now. He has gotten some terrible news about his health. Please go visit him at Jackson's World and send him some prayers.

My good friend, Deetz, asked that I post these Prayer Flags on my blog, that his friends made, to help Jackson get better. Let's all pray for Jackson.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yippee, Hippee, Hippos!

My mom has been lagging on Big World Assignment lately, so I will take you back to her trip to the Ft Worth Zoo. Yippee Hippee! It's a Hippopotamus! And quite a large one I might add! He sort of looks like a large pig, but his closest living relatives are animals like the Whale and Porpoise, etc. He likes to stay cool by hanging out in the water during the daytime.

Hippos are originally from Africa and they can be traced back to around 16 million years ago, from fossils that have been found! They like to eat grass and other plants.

My mom told me that Hippos are one of the most dangerous animals because they are very aggressive, so she told me I can be friends with them only if I stay far away.

I found out that I will have these Hippo friends for a long long time, because they can live to be 40-50 years old! My mom told me I will not live as long as my Hippo friends. Ha ha, I bet my mom won't live 40-50 more years either!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eskies on Big World Assignment

And now for another Celebrity Big World Assignment! Meet my friends, Hana The Dog and Casper D Dog! They are American Eskimo Dogs, and Casper is of the Mini Eskie variety. You could say he is a Mini-Me of Hana!

Hana and Casper were very determined to find me some new friends, when they got lost in the small town of Newman, in central California. They looked all around and what did they see? Lots and lots of Holstein Cows at a dairy farm! Holstein Cows originally came from northern Europe a long long time ago. I am glad to hear from their report that these Cows are outstanding producers of milk, and are NOT used for eating. AND they want to be my friends!

This report is making me thirsty! I must go get a nice refreshing bowl of milk! Thank you Hana and Casper for this special Celebrity Big World Report!

And now as I enjoy my delicious bowl of milk, I ponder the thought.......Could Hana The Dog and Casper D Dog possibly be related? They seem to both have the same last name! Dog!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

JailBird Report - Part II

If you did not read Part I of this report, please click here for JailBird Report - Part I. Today's post is about the continuing saga of PooPoo, Calico Cat, incarcerated with a 30+ day jail sentence for excessive carpet pooping. This follow-up Big World Report, is courtesy of an unidentified snitch!

After a week of sleeping in her litter box in her own filth, PooPoo appears to be turning over a new leaf. She has been sleeping peacefully in her TreeTop Apple Juice box. (Advertising royalties to follow.)

PooPoo has been a difficult inmate, only eating select hand-fed delicacies.

Word is that there is some unrest within the confines of the jail and that the "East Hills Gang" has been formed under the watchful eyes of the menacing, evil JailBirds!

Rumor has it that there are plans underway for a Jail Break! Members of the new "East Hills Gang" include:

Lucy - AKA "Lucky Lucyano"

Minnie - AKA "Minnie-Me" or "Sticky Paws"

Dusty - AKA "Fang Tooth"

And, last but not least, PooPoo - only known as the dreaded and much feared "PooPoo"

This sure is a shady bunch of characters!

One thing stands in their way, in order to break out of jail, however. They must find a way to get past one mean Jail Guard. He's bad, bad, Robbie Brown, the meanest Dog in the whole Jail Yard!!

To be continued....................

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

What is Taxidermy?

My mom took a picture of this sign recently on another trip out to Longview in East Texas. At first I was a bit excited that perhaps I could get lots of new animal friends at this place.
I asked my mom: "What is taxidermy?"

My mom said: "Oh JB, you must not concern yourself with taxidermy. It is not for cats, and you would not like it." It turns out that my friends from my post, The Gaggle of Geese, were still hanging out at the lake nearby. Mom went by to check on them, and one of the Geese said: "Are you talking to me? Are YOU talking to me?"

Mom told him yes, and she was just here to check on them for me, JB. The Goose then finally calmed down, and apologized for being so rude. He told my mom he was very nervous since the Taxidermy place had opened up around the corner.

The Goose said: "Please tell JB, to beware of Taxidermy! It is not for Cats or Geese. JB must stay far away, and there are no friends for her there!"

I am not sure why my friend the Goose is warning me to stay away from taxidermy, but I had better take his advice because he is a very wise bird. What do you think?

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

JailBird Report - Part I

This is an unexpected, Big World Assignment, from my reporter sister, Calico Cat PooPoo. PooPoo has to spend some time in jail at Pet Paradise Resort, just north of Big World Studios, for some bad behavior. For details of PooPoo's felony, click here.

PooPoo had to go jail, but she did a Big World Report for me when she got there. There were some brightly colored Parrots in the cage outside of Cell-block A. PooPoo was not sure what kind they were, but reports that they are much more colorful birdies than what we have at home. PooPoo thinks these Parrots are of the "JailBird variety".

The jail was located in the North Texas countryside. PooPoo was able to make the acquaintance of these Goats as she was being walked inside to her cell. The goats had heard of JB's Big World, and PooPoo did not have to ask twice, if they wanted to be my friends. Goats are very friendly, you know!

Thank you to my sister, PooPoo, for this brief report. I know she only had a few moments to compile it before being locked up.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Malibu Beach Birdies

This is my friend, the Malibu Beach Birdie, (AKA ordinary SeaGull). He lives on Malibu Beach in Southern California. These birdies are very greedy, and obnoxious. So, on second thought, I don't know if he is really my friend.....

Mom ate at this restaurant in Malibu a couple weeks ago. Everyone was seated outside at tables in the sand. Appetizers were served to all the tables, including some hot Chicken wings. What happened next? These greedy obnoxious SeaGulls started to steal Chicken wings right off the tables! They gulped them down and mom could see the big bulges in their necks where the chicken bones got lodged! Mom started to worry about them, but then someone told mom that they gulp up a lot of food and then regurgitate it for their young.
Mom then lost her appetite.......

But here is a thought I would like to ponder..........
If a birdie like a SeaGull eats a birdie that is a Chicken, isn't that birdie cannibalism since they are both birdies? What do you think?

Maybe that is why these Ducks at mom's hotel were trying to hide in the pond water! Ducks are birdies also, and I am sure they don't want to be a SeaGull's dinner too!

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Now That's a Whole Lotta Bull!

This is my good friend, Deetz. Deetz is an Airdale Terrier, and somewhat of a celebrity, in his own right. He filled in and did a special report for me, as a Celebrity Reporter, since my mom has been so busy. Deetz went on Big World Assignment to Mulvane Kansas, to the Mulvane Saddle Club. They were having a Bull Blowout!

Deetz was very intent of finding me some more new friends. He viewed the bulls carefully and safely from outside their pen, and even brave Deetz had to admit, he was just a tiny bit scared. These were some big bulls!

Finally Deetz settled on this white Bull, as he did not seem to be so mean and mad. Deetz got his nerve up and asked the white Bull if he would be my friend, and he said yes!

This was quite the event, and Deetz's daddy was in the ring riding his horse, helping to round up the bulls. I think Deetz MUST have gotten his bravery from his daddy!

There were people who were trying to ride the bulls too. I think this is not a good idea at all, and I for sure would not want to ride a bull! This can't be safe!

A lot of the bulls were talking amongst themselves, and some were especially mean.
They asked Deetz: "Why would we want to be friends with a silly little GirlCat named Jelly Bean? We are Bulls, and we don't have time to waste on such a small cat. We like kicking and bucking people and we don't want to be friends with anybody!"

As a last ditch effort, in his desire to bring me back a good report, Deetz, was able to get me one more friend, a Sheep. Deetz said that this sheep was yelling BAAAA, BAAAA, BAAAA. Deetz did not know what BAAAA meant, but since the sheep kept yelling it, he must have wanted it baaaad!!

All in all, an excellent report, from my good friend, Celebrity Reporter, Deetz! He certainly gave me a outstanding report even if it was a whole lotta Bull!

To visit my friend, Deetz, please click here. He is a great friend and doggie!

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