Friday, September 12, 2008

Growing Fur Coats is Important

Today I would like you to meet Sassy. Sassy is a Miniature Horse and she lives in Northern Alberta, Canada. That is very far away from Texas! You can see how miniature Sassy is by how tall the grass is around her!

Sassy lives at this farm with her other miniature horse friends and a Llama.

How cool is this? These horses are just the right size for me! Can you just picture me riding on this little brown horse in a little saddle?

In the summer they eat fresh grass as well as hay, but in the winter, they eat mainly hay. For treats, they like to eat carrots, apples and specially baked horse cookies!

And guess what else they do in the winter? They grow fur coats! They have to because it can get down to -40 degrees F! I wonder if I would grow a fur-ier coat too if I was that cold?

**Special credits given to Jasmine the Eskie and Cuddles the Cat for providing the footage for this report. They don't have a blog yet, but are friends of my friend, Hana, and they wanted to be my friend too!
And they wanted to report this story about the importance of growing a fur coat, since wintertime is getting closer!

Thanks Jasmine and Cuddles!

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Babs (Beetle) said...

I have got some photos of miniature horses. How come I haven't posted them today? :O)

Deetz said...

If you mum gets you one of those horses then we can go riding together. That is the purrfect size for you.
I want one but the bigger horses would probably pick on the lil horse.

Hana said...

That is super neat the mini horses grow fur in the winter. I wonder if all mini horses grow fur like that? They look very different with their fur coats! Sassy looks very sweet. Yes, I think we could become friends with the mini horses.

Did I hear you say they eat specially baked horse cookies? I wonder what they are made out of and if eskies can eat them too.

Jasmine and Cuddles, thank you for your special report from Alberta! When are you two starting a blog?

Copito said...

Oh my!!! I want a pony horse!!!


Jasmine the Doggie said...


Thanks so much for letting us help with your investigative report on mini horses, you are such a good little reporter and so cute and fluffy too!!!!

Deetz....The little horses also live with two BIG Horses and they all get along really well!

Hana...My mom says that she would love to make a Blog for us, but she doesn't think that she would have the time to maintain it because she spends so much of her free time on the Eskie Board.

Hmmmmpf....That little Eskie Jasmine is cutting in on my Blog time...signed Cuddles the Cat.

Jasmine & Cuddles

Casper and pals said...

That was a good report on Mini horses. They sure are cute!

Michele said...

I can picture you riding around in the saddle on these little minis! =)
Such pretty pictures indeed!
Pretty darn close to where I live and yes.. brrrr you really do need the fur coats out here... it can get might cold!!
Mountain Retreat

Anonymous said...

Great report their so cute...Hugs Ariel

Kathryn and Ari said...

We love, love, love miniature horses here. We know some who will only travel if their pet goats are with them--I guess that's kind of like living with a llama, eh?

PS- can't wait to see you on a saddle, JB: you'll look so dashing!

Mary said...

Love the miniature horses!

MaoMao said...

Oh, those mini-horsies are soooooooooo cute! You'd look so cute ridin an itty bitty horsie, JB.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Us4 Cats said...

Hi. I am new to your site.

Great photos of the animals.
Gorgeous kitty cats.

We have four.

Huskee and Hershey said...

Those horsies are cute!! I want to have one too!!

the many Bs said...

those horsies are so cute. they are way cuter than the monster horses at our grandpa's house.


sdsfasda said...

The eyes of the cat on the photo are really particular! My god, that is why the cats were always seen as spirits...

Anonymous said...

I would love to meet them too. oh dear I have never met any animsl like these )

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

R Mommy said the "awwww" word when she wuz lookin at the mini-horsies!

-da boys, Cosmos & Juneau-

myonlyphoto said...

Oh Sassy is so cute. Are these ponies? Nice report, enjoyed reading it. Anna :)