Saturday, December 26, 2009

Crabby About Mom's Big World Cruise Report

Mom left for 5 days to go on Big World Assignment on a cruise on a very Big Ship.

The cruise left out of Miami and had stops in Labadee, Haiti and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Mom said it rained most of the cruise!

I was so hopeful for a great report.......

......but was it really raining the whole time, or was my mom just slacking off on the job?

On a 5 Day Assignment, she only found me one new animal friend!

This is my new friend from Haiti, an Orange Land Crab. I did some research and could not find much info except that they come out when it rains a lot......

......hhhmmm, maybe my mom really was telling the truth when she said it rained the whole time?

But if it was raining so much, why was there "outdoor" shopping??

Do you think I should conduct an investigation into how time was spent by my Reporter while on the Big World time clock?

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Do Deer Like Texas BBQ?

These are my South Texas Deer friends. They live south of Austin, and have become very tame at my mom's friend's house!

They look a little bit hungry, and I must ponder the thought:
"Do deer like Texas BBQ?"

Merry Christmas to everyone from JB's Big World!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Camouflage is an Insect's Best Friend

Mom has been busy so it has been hard to introduce my new friends lately. So I will try to keep everyone posted on my new animal friends as best as I can.

Today I would like to present the importance of camouflage for insects.

Here we have my new friend, the Praying Mantis. He is very "brown" today and looks like the color of this brick!

Here is a different Praying Mantis friend from the summertime. He is very "green"!

Insects change colors to protect themselves and to better find their prey.

What do I deduce from this

Camouflage is an Insect's Best Friend!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Would You Eat Wood?

I for one, would not eat wood. But this Beaver sure did and does! He was living in the pond area across the street from my CatHouse.

Beavers can cause about $100 million in property damages each year! Their front teeth keep growing longer throughout their lifetime, and are very sharp. Trees, leaves and bark are their most favorite food!

This Beaver has been eating wood and destroying trees in the pond area across the street from our house for a long time now. One of our neighbors finally caught him, and a Parks and Wildlife Ranger came to pick him up to relocate him.

Now a thought to ponder.....Beavers live in colonies of 4 to 8 members, so does that mean I have more Beaver animal friends still nearby?

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Barktoberfest? What About Catoberfest??

This is a report from my mom when she was on Big World Assignment a couple weeks ago at Barktoberfest, in Frisco Texas. This was a benefit for the Frisco Humane Society.

I think doggies get to have all the parks, walkies, Barktoberfest....what next?

Mom said the costumes were great. Here are just a few examples. There was a Dachshund trying to be evil like a Devil.....

A tough Harley dude Pug......

A Lobster?? I would have had to draw the line on this one!

A really Pink Poodle......I would never let anyone die my furs like this!

And there was an Afghan, just doing what an Afghan does.....look luxurious!

There were Rescue Groups there representing all sorts of breeds, including this Mastiff Rescue Group. Wow, that's on BIG doggie!

Those doggies that got adopted over the years through Frisco Humane Society got to take a Walk of Fame on stage and have their 15 minutes of fame.

There were contests too. This is the winner of the Owner Look-a-Like Contest. This is just too silly!

And of course Best Costume. This group was pretty extravagant with princesses riding in a chariot, don't you think?

Great report, mom.
Now how about a
Catoberfest for us cats next year?

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rats, There Was a Snake in Our Garage!

A Rat Snake, that is!

Mom freaked out when she saw this hissing Rat Snake stuck in a glue trap in our garage, and if you look closely, there is a mouse stuck with him too. I admit, it was a little scary and I hear they eat small mammals like rats and mice. I sure hope they don't eat Jelly Beans! I better be careful!

These snakes are common in North Texas, but not venomous. But they will hiss, strike or bit if harrassed.

I am not sure if I like this new animal friend. I will have to think about this one!

(P.S. I have more Costa Rican animal friends, but will take a break from Costa Rica, and save them for later posts.)

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

I hope everyone is not getting bored with Costa Rica, but mom just could not get enough of all the animals there! She went wild (literally) taking pictures of all my new animal friends!

These black Monkeys were swinging through the trees right outside of mom's hut!

They are called Mantled Howler Monkeys. Can you see the little baby here with his mama?

The manager of the place mom stayed at, said this older Howler Monkey had lost his Monkey rankings, and now was exiled away from the rest of his family and his whole group. He was a castaway.....poor Monkey!

Mom only caught one shot of one other type of Monkey, called a Spider Monkey.
I wonder if he likes to play with spiders as much as I do?

I like my new Monkey friends!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Beautiful Costa Rican Butterflies

Here is more beautiful wildlife from Costa Rica. Mom saw lots of Butterflies and here are some she caught shots of. And some were just too fast to catch on camera!

Great Owl Butterfly

Banded Peacock Butterfly

Small Postman Butterfly

Giant Silk Moth

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two Toes & Some Algae!

Today I would like to present a very interesting new animal friend also from Costa Rica. It is the Two-Toed Sloth!
This mama Sloth and her baby were hanging out up in a tree, right outside of mom's hut in the Tortuguero rainforest.

This Sloth has two toes or actually two claws so they can easily hang from the tree canopy.
They are very lethargic and move very slowly. They eat various tree leaves, and digest their food very slowly.

And guess what? They only come down to the ground once a week to poop! Just think how much less litter my mom would have to buy for my litter box, if I was like a Sloth!

The mama Sloth will teach her new baby what to eat for a few months, and then will leave the baby on it's own to learn how to fend for itself.
This Sloth also has specialized fur that enables algae to grow in it, which helps in camouflaging them. I sure am glad my furs are pristine and are algae-free! Algae is not for me!

Thanks mom, for finding me these new interesting Sloth friends!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spoon it Up!

Continuing on with mom's Big World Report from Costa Rica, here we have the only large pink bird found in Costa Rica! It is the Roseate Spoonbill.

What an elegant bird this is and what a great concept to have a "Spoon-Bill"!

Mom saw a flock of them on her canal boat ride, and said they were very beautiful. The tour guide said they like it when boats go by because...... stirs up the bottom of the canal, so they can find food more easily. And all they do it just "Spoon up their Supper"!

Mom said it was an amazing sight to see all the pink Spoonbills up in a tree too.

And, what makes it more special, is they hollered down from the tree at mom, and said:
"Of course we want to be JB's friends! We feel honored to know the world renowned Cat, JB"

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fashionable Frog!

Still reporting from mom's Big World Assignment in Costa Rica, I now present to you my new friend, the Blue Jeans Dart Frog! My friend is also known as the Strawberry Poison Dart Frog.

Mom almost missed him because he was only the size of my mom's thumbnail! His bright colors warn predators that he is toxic. His skin secretions are not poisonous to humans, but some unpredictable things have been known to happen if you touch him!

I must say, I have never met a more Fashionable Frog. His Blue Jeans, are very versatile, and can be worn for any occasion!

Mom found my new friend hanging out at the base of a huge Ceiba Tree. She said I can be friends with him as long as I don't touch him.

I like my Fashionable new Frog Friend!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who Can See the Toucans?

My mom did! Still reporting from Costa Rica, and mom was so excited to see Toucans flying around free in the rain forest!

This is the Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan, and it is the largest of the Toucans' species at 52-56cm. Mom saw lots of them, and they hang out in flocks of about 20 in the lower rain forest wetlands.

Mom, you should have brought one of these birdies home to me for a "souvenir" friend! They are very beautiful birdies!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hercules, That is One BIG Bug!

Continuing on with my mom's Big World Assignment....and I may be writing about Costa Rica for a while, since there was so much great wildlife there!
Moving on now to another creepy crawly bug!

This is the HERCULES Beetle! It is also known as the Rhinoceros Beetle, and it is native to Costa Rica. This beetle can get up to 6.75 inches long! It is named "Hercules" for it's amazing strength and can carry up to 850 times it's weight!

Some of the locals near the Del Monte banana processing plant were showing these beetles to tourists.

Mom was too scared to hold one, so she took a picture of someone else on her tour holding one.

Mom! What happened to a "hands on" Report? What kind of Big World Reporter are you? Are you a Scaredy CAT?

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm JB's Mom, Get Me Out of Here!!

JB's mom here. Ok, is there no limit as to what I will do to find JB more animal friends?? JB has really pushed me to the limit this time!

JB told me my next Big World Assignment would be in Costa Rica and I had to stay in the jungle at the Pachira Lodge in Tortuguero in a hut on stilts to find her more animal friends!

Not just the jungle, but the RAINFOREST!. That's right....with lots and LOTS of rain!
So, it perfectly ok for me to get my hair wet, when you will do everything possible not to get your furs wet??

Ok, so maybe the lush foliage is quite pretty and beautiful, I have to admit, but what is lurking deep in this rainforest?

I decided to consult my Costa Rica Wildlife Guide.

Eeek, just nearby was a Slender Anole Lizard! These are common in the Costa Rica rainforest, and it slithered quickly away behind my hut. I wondered how many of his friends would be slithering around in my room that night?

The room was simple, with a pretty stained glass light, but not sure if you can see......there is no glass in those windows, just old screens!
Yes, JB made me sleep in an open air room!!

And what did I find over my head when I went to bed that first night? The biggest Grasshopper I had ever seen, about 4-5 inches long!

I'm JB's mom, get me out of here!!

To Be Continued......

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