Monday, February 23, 2009

Dogs in Danger & Cockfighting!

My daddy flies to Puerto Rico a lot, and stays often near Carolina Beach.

The sand, the surf, the all looks so nice, doesn't it?

Some people are walking their dogs nearby......

There are lots of large hotels and tourists, and more people walking their dogs....but what is really going on in some parts of Puerto Rico??

My daddy saw this little pup, tied up to an old chair on the beach all by himself, with no owner in sight. He was barking his head off and had no water or food.
In some parts of Puerto Rico, dogs are frequently abandoned at the beaches. The Yabucoa coast, on the southeast side of the island is even called Dead Dog Beach because of this. Read more here about this terrible story.

And what else can you find in Puerto Rico??

Cockfighting! My daddy's hotel was right nearby the Club Gallistico, (view some terrible scenes here). I find it so awful to think that my potential friends may have to fight for their lives in such a horrible place as this! How can humans be so cruel?

This is one of my Rooster friends from the past. He told me there is no way, no how, he would get caught up in a cockfighting ring like this! I guess he is one of the lucky ones that he does not live in Puerto Rico!

I don't understand different cultures sometimes. Why do humans want to hurt these handsome birdies or abandon helpless dogs?
.......I wish I could help all the animals in need, but I am just one small GirlCat.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Llama Love For Valentine's Day!

This is the second installment of my brother, Bear's, Big World Assignment, direct from Bear's walks from our house.

Bear really likes to visit these Llamas, who live at this construction company site nearby. He must always check to see if he can say hello to them every time he walks by.

I think it is funny that Bear and the Llamas have similar fur colors! He does not bark at them like he does other animals he meets. Do you suppose Bear thinks he is related somehow?

Bear has a special unique affection for the little baby Llama. He must always try to kiss her each time he sees her! Aaahhhh, young Llama Love! Aren't they sweet together?

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Bear, Some New Friends, and a Cat Named Bob

The next Big World Assignment has been submitted in two installments. My Big World Reporter on these two reports is my brother, Bear.

Bear takes walks from our house out into my Big World and he reported back to me on some new friends recently.
These Cows were a little uninterested, but they did tell Bear that they would be my friends.

Bear corralled these Horses into agreeing to by my friends too. Great job, Bear!

Bear gets a little bit excited when he runs into other Canines, just like this white fluffy dog did. The fluffy white dog was jumping up and down with joy, so excited to by my friend!

Sometimes Bear gets a little afraid of some of the Canines he meets, and he runs away......

But nothing scared him as much, or my mom, as this big BobCat! Now who ever heard of a cat named Bob? I asked my mom if this Cat friend could come home and play with me and my mom quickly said "No JB, not THIS friend!"
I found out that this friend must be admired from afar.

Thank you for your report, Bear!
Stay tuned for Bear's second report coming up soon!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Where Do BoyKittens Come From?

I got a new BoyKitten brother on SuperBowl Sunday, and his name is Dumplin'. Yeah, he is cute and all, but he is using my stuff, and I don't know if I like him yet!

I wonder where he came from? I asked my mom where BoyKittens come from and here is what she told me.

Mom told me that BoyKittens come from the same place as GirlKittens, from a MamaCat! Here is a slide show showing my new little brother, and his brothers and sisters with their Mama. My mom got to meet them all!
I think I am glad she only brought one home with her though!

(All kittens in this post were adopted into wonderful forever homes.)

For more on my new BoyKitten brother, please visit my Small World blog here!

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