Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's Mooooo With You?

Here we are back in Texas, north of Dallas, and who is my latest new friend? It is one of my neighbors! My mom met him when she was taking a walk recently.

It is a Texas Longhorn! Ok, maybe he has only a small rack compared to some really big Longhorns, but you get the idea! True Texas Longhorns can have horns up to 70-80 inches wide tip to tip! Now that's a big rack!

He hollered to my mom: "What's moooo with you?" Mom asked him if he wanted to be my friend and he practically came charging over to mom in such excitement at the thought. Ok, well maybe it did not really happen that way, but I like to think it did!

Can you just picture me riding on his back hanging on to his big horns with my little paws, and hanging on for dear life?

I really like my moooo friend!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Lots of Sunbathing Going On!

Continued from my last post, still reporting from the Wyndham Hotel in Aruba, here is a peaceful quiet setting, with a pool and palm trees, and....

....if you look closely, who is that laying on the rocks sunbathing along with all the people?

It is Lizards! ....Iguanas, to be exact! Iguanas are a very common sight in Aruba, and they love the dry weather conditions there.

And if you look even a tiny bit closer, who is that sunbathing on the Iguana? It is a common ordinary Fly!

Hhhmmm, I wonder who is sunbathing on that Fly? ....Maybe I just don't want to know!

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Toucan Sam & His Birdie Clan

This is Toucan Sam. My daddy met him when he flew to Aruba recently. Sam lives at the Wyndham Hotel on Palm Beach where my daddy stayed.

Did you know that Toucans have a very unique feature for a bird? Their tail is attached to their spine with a "ball and socket" joint. They can snap their tail forward so it hangs over their head, and they like to sleep like this! And what's up with the Blue Feet?

Unfortunately Sam and his Clan were not free birds, and they had to stay in these cages at the Hotel. They were allowed to come out during the day to visit the hotel guests for paparazzi photos.

One of Toucan Sam's Clan members was a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw. Boy, can this bird talk!......and it is well known for this trait! He was chattering up a storm the day my daddy was there!

The White Cockatoo was also a bit loud, and this type of bird really like musical sounds and loves to be cuddled!

And this Sun and Jenday Conure, was super colorful. This type of bird makes a loud shrill call, that they use to bring attention to important situations. They have even been known to be somewhat of a "Watch Dog"!

Well, as you know, I love birdies of any kind, but Toucan Sam and his Birdie Clan are SUPER interesting and so unique! I LOVE my new birdie friends!

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Puppy Mill Rescue

This is a story my daddy told me about a flight he had from Tulsa to Dallas Ft. Worth a couple of weeks ago. He was flying his "big birdie in the sky", and he had some special passengers. 47 of them!

He had 47 Puppy passengers traveling in the belly of his plane. The cargo compartment they had to travel in, is pressurized, so they were ok, but I would have been so scared!

But why so many Puppies? It is a sad story with hopefully a happy ending. These Puppies were rescued from a puppy mill in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and they were being transported to different animal shelters across the country.

I am sad that these Puppies had to start out life like this, but I am praying that they will find good forever homes soon.

Once the Puppies were taken off my daddy's "big birdie on the ground" in Dallas, they were loaded into pickups and taken to their next flights to their final destinations.

Oh, how scared, I would have been......

These Puppies were very brave. My daddy said they were pretty quiet and did not bark much. Maybe they somehow knew that they might have a chance at a good life now?

Please help me pray that this story has a happy ending for these Puppies.

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