Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bad Hair Day at the Circus

This is the second post I will do as an add-on from my last post about the Carson & Barnes Circus that came to town. My mom was still sad about the animals, and she noticed that some of them were having a bad hair day!

Here is my new friend, the Alpaca. Alpacas are bred in South America for their great hair fibers, and the fiber is used in making blankets, sweaters and other textiles. This Alpaca lived with the Circus though, just for show.

Mom saw some more examples of bad hair on these Poodles. Mom was sad about them too when she saw them. They needed grooming pretty bad, and they all looked pretty old, and the Circus was making them work hard every day!

Hey! Poodles are not supposed to jump rope! I think these Poodles should be entitled to retirement, don't you?

Bad hair or not, I am glad my mom was able to check on my friends at the Circus, and I hope they will be able to retire soon.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Elephants at Work & Perfoming Ponies

The Carson & Barnes Circus was in town, near our house, a couple of weekends ago, and I told my mom that she must go and check on the working conditions of my Circus Friends.
I wanted to make sure that my friends were all being taken care of and were healthy.

Here are the friends my mom met:

There were Elephants hard at work inside the big circus tent. Mom said they looked pretty healthy, but she was sad they had to perform like this.

Even though Elephants can weigh up to 15,000 pounds, they seemed very light on their toes!

There was also performing Ponies. I must say I am a bit intrigued by the pretty red feathers they are wearing!

My mom was sad for the Ponies. Outside the tent, they were tied to a carousel and had to walk round and round in a circle giving small humans rides.

Their eyes were closed like they were either very sad, tired, or asleep.

I hope my Pony Friends are ok. I wish they did not have to work so much. Overall, my mom reports that the Elephants and Ponies looked relatively well cared for.

Stay tuned for my next post reporting on some more Circus Friends!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Creepy Crawlers are My Friends

Creepy Crawlers are my friends, and I love it when I find more of these friends in my house. This is my friend the House Centipede. That's right, I found him in our "House"!
Mom was not happy about my new friend, and she flushed him down the toilet immediately.

But mom!....These new friends eat silverfish, firebrats, carpet beetle larvae, cockroaches, spiders and other tiny insects. If House Centipedes are seen often, this means that some of these bugs he eats, are in our house in abundance, and this might mean there is a bigger problem than the mere presence of Centipedes!
Ok, mom freaked out when I told her this info......

She remembered one of the last really scary Creepy Crawlers I found, and she said she would call the pest control man right away.
Poor Mr. Scorpion, he was so much fun for me.....and so was my friend the House Centipede!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Calistoga Castle Cat & Fainting Goats?

Today I have a Big World Report from my auntie in California. My auntie recently visited the Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga in the Napa Valley.

It is a winery and it is built just like an authentic old castle. It took 14 years to build with lots and lots of stone!

Now a castle would not be complete, without a........

.....Castle Cat! This is Guenevierre. She lives at the winery, and helps conduct tours and snoopervises the wine tasting room. There is another Castle Cat that lives here named Lancelot, but he was nowhere to be found. Do you suppose he had had a few too many in the wine tasting room??

Also seen in Calistoga in this Big World Report:

.....Were some Fainting Goats! That's right, Fainting Goats! These goats have a genetic disorder that when startled, causes their muscles to freeze for about 10 seconds. This results in the goat collapsing on its side.
These goats promised to be my friends as long as I would not try to scare them!

I am sure glad I don't have this disorder and I am not a "Fainting" Cat, because I get startled all the time!!

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