Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Sacred Bird!

Also on mom's Big World Assignment from Las Vegas, was this report on the Sacret Ibis, who she met at the Flamingo Hotel!

Sacred Ibis have beautiful feathers on their whole body except their neck and head, where they have black featherless skin!

This adaptation has happened since they like to dip their heads into marshy wetlands and mud flats to search for food.

I am certainly glad my food gets served to me on a dish in my kitchen, so I don't have to search for my fishy dinner this way!

They are thought of as sacred, back from the ancient days in Egypt, from eating locusts and saving crops.

I like my new sacred birdie friends!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Long Live Lobsters!

I just don't know what to say today from mom's Big World Report from Las Vegas recently. She found me some new Lobster friends, but why are they locked up in this glass cage?

They should be free, like my Dolphin friends I just wrote about!

This is awful! Humans are making a game of catching a lobster for $4 for each try, and if they catch one, they get it COOKED for free?

Mom.....PLEASE do not bring me back any more reports like this. It makes me much too sad!

If I could just find a way to Las Vegas, I would stand out front with a picket sign protesting:
"Long Live Lobsters!"

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dolphin Watch with Perry and Polly Pelican

Continuing with my last installment from mom's Big World Assignment in Destin, FL.....I give you Perry and Polly Pelican!

Perry: "Hey Polly, isn't that JB's mom getting on that boat?"
Polly: "Yes it is! She must be going to search for Dolphin friends for JB on that Dolphin Cruise! We better tell the rest of our buddies to guide JB's mom's boat to the right spot to find the Dolphins!"

At the exit to the Destin Harbor, were Perry and Polly's Pelican buddies. They said: "Go just a little bit east towards those condos and look just off the beach!"

And there they were! Can you see them just offshore?

Mom was very excited to find Dolphins in the wild, as she had only seen them in captivity before.

Mom called out to the Dolphins, and she asked: "JB sent me to ask you if you would be her friends!"

There were so many Dolphins frolicking around the boat in excitement.
A little baby Dolphin popped his head up next to his mama and said: "Of course we will be JB's friends!"

And with that, they all the Dolphins took one more gulp of air from their blowholes, and mom's boat had to head back to the harbor.

(Did you know that their blowhole is really a nostril and that is how they breathe? And they communicate by an echo system or sonar?)

Near the dock, the Seagulls came and said hello too.
They said: "We heard about JB from our cousins in Holland, who are already your friends!
And we want to be JB's friends too!"

All in all, mom's Big World Assignment in Florida was very successful. I have a lot of new Floridian friends!

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