Monday, November 23, 2009

Would You Eat Wood?

I for one, would not eat wood. But this Beaver sure did and does! He was living in the pond area across the street from my CatHouse.

Beavers can cause about $100 million in property damages each year! Their front teeth keep growing longer throughout their lifetime, and are very sharp. Trees, leaves and bark are their most favorite food!

This Beaver has been eating wood and destroying trees in the pond area across the street from our house for a long time now. One of our neighbors finally caught him, and a Parks and Wildlife Ranger came to pick him up to relocate him.

Now a thought to ponder.....Beavers live in colonies of 4 to 8 members, so does that mean I have more Beaver animal friends still nearby?

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Barktoberfest? What About Catoberfest??

This is a report from my mom when she was on Big World Assignment a couple weeks ago at Barktoberfest, in Frisco Texas. This was a benefit for the Frisco Humane Society.

I think doggies get to have all the parks, walkies, Barktoberfest....what next?

Mom said the costumes were great. Here are just a few examples. There was a Dachshund trying to be evil like a Devil.....

A tough Harley dude Pug......

A Lobster?? I would have had to draw the line on this one!

A really Pink Poodle......I would never let anyone die my furs like this!

And there was an Afghan, just doing what an Afghan does.....look luxurious!

There were Rescue Groups there representing all sorts of breeds, including this Mastiff Rescue Group. Wow, that's on BIG doggie!

Those doggies that got adopted over the years through Frisco Humane Society got to take a Walk of Fame on stage and have their 15 minutes of fame.

There were contests too. This is the winner of the Owner Look-a-Like Contest. This is just too silly!

And of course Best Costume. This group was pretty extravagant with princesses riding in a chariot, don't you think?

Great report, mom.
Now how about a
Catoberfest for us cats next year?

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