Monday, January 25, 2010

Bob the Cat is Back!

My friend, Bob the Cat, has reappeared near our house!  He has been spotted hanging out a few streets over from where we live for a few months now.

I asked my mom again if he could come over to play but mom told me he is an outside Cat, and it would not be safe for me, if he played with a small JellyBean like me.  I did some research and found that my friend prefers to snack on mammals that weigh 1.5 - 12.5 pounds.  That covers just about all of us cats that live at my house!

I told my mom to walk back outside on Big World Assignment to see if she could find my friend to get more "Footage" for my post.  She came back with this "Footprint"...very funny, mom. 
It had rained recently, and the print was not clear, so I am not so sure that this is really evidence of Bob. 
What do you think?

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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Birds-Eye View Into JB's Big World

In between Big World posts, I must do my homework, and study footage of my animal friends, so I can do informative reports.
Here we have a Birds-Eye view into the backroom workings of JB's Big World.

What I would like to know is, must my assistant really sit so close to me?

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My New German Friend, Knut

My good friend, Hana the Dog, submitted one more Big World Assignment last year before she passed away.  She sent her mom and dad to the Berlin Zoo for a first hand report on Knut, the Polar Bear!

Knut is very famous in Germany.   He was born Dec 5, 2006 at the Berlin Zoo but was rejected by his birth mom.  The zookeepers then hand raised him, and he was the first Polar Bear cub to survive in captivity in more than 30 years.

 There was controversy about the cub being hand raised by humans, and that the zoo was violating animal protection legislation by keeping him alive.

Thankfully, Knut was cared for and today is a healthy adult Polar Bear!  He sure is good at standing up and catching treats from the visitors at the zoo!
Humans are still fighting over money issues related to Knut's commercial success, unfortunately.

I like my new friend, Knut, and I do believe I might have some Polar Bear in my jeans!   What do you think?  

Thank you Angel Hana for this wonderful report!

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