Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's a Big Dog!

Some of you may know my pesky little brother, Chester.

Well, lately he has been acting depressed because I have not let him do a Big World Assignment yet.  He said he collected some very interesting information, and he wanted to submit it for publishing on my blog.

So here we have Chester's Big World Report:

 Here is Chester, on Big World Assignment, direct from JB's House north of Dallas TX, from a vantage point in the upstairs northern most bedroom.  Chester observed a very interesting specimen.

Our neighbor, and animal friend of great stature, "Scout", the Newfoundland!  She is a Big Dog!!

Chester reports that Newfoundland Dogs weigh over 100 pounds, even the females, and they love the water.  They are very strong and have been known to save drowning humans!
They also prefer cold weather, so living in Texas must be pretty hot for her.

Thank you, Chester, for this report.  I must say you did a good job, and Scout truly is a Big Dog!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thought to Ponder in Fort Lauderdale.....

 My mom's Big World Report from Ft Lauderdale did not get any better for me.  Do you think the hot sun got to my mom's head and she was slacking off on her Big World Assignment?

 She told me that she saw this sign, so that is why there were no animal friends for me on the beach!

 Then she told me that this Dalmation Pigeon was the only trained service animal friend she found on the beach!

 She did try to make a little effort, and got on this Water Taxi to search for more animal friends in the Intercoastal Waterways.

 She tried to tell me she was looking for herd of Manatees!  A herd?  Really?  If only she had found even one, that would have been super exciting.

 Finally, at the edge of the waterway, was this fake Alligator.....yes, it was fake, not real, but just a statue!
But mom said to me:  "Look closer!"

 Mom said:  "JB!  This Lizard asked to be your friend!"

Ok, I see it now.  One Lizard wants to be my friend in Ft Lauderdale.

 So I ponder the thought, what was my Big World Reporter really doing in Ft Lauderdale?

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Friends in Ft Lauderdale?

 Mom left me to go on vacation in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, this past week.  I told her she must do a Big World Report while she was there, or I would be very upset.
Mom agreed, but I am not so sure she did much Big World research for me.

 She said she hiked through the fierce raging sea looking for animal friends for me.

 She found my friends' abandoned shell houses, but no animal friends!

 She felt she had to show me "evidence" of her hard work researching.

This is it, mom?  A piece of Sea CucumberIt is not even alive!

Sea Cucumbers are Echinoderms, like Sea Stars, Sea Urchins and Sand Dollars, and there are many varieties.   
The Sea Cucumber is covered with hundreds of tiny feet with suction cups, called tube feet.  
Ok, so this is interesting to see, but it makes me sad to see an animal friend that is not alive!

Stay tuned for Friends in Ft Lauderdale - Part II.  
I sure hope it will be a better Big World Report than this!

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