Friday, September 17, 2010

Ugly or Beautiful in Their Own Way?

Who do you think lives on this very unique island? 
This is the North Shore of Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos Islands.  Particularly, this area is known as "Cerro Dragon" or Dragon Hill!  
There are volanic formations and beautiful scenery.  What lurks on this island?

Mom was careful to take her Galapagos Naturalist with her on her Big World Expedition in case she had a run-in with any Dragons!

Then mom saw what lived on this island.  There really were Dragons there!  
Then her guide explained that this species are Galapagos Land Iguanas, and they are endemic to only the Galapagos!

These iguanas can grow up to 3 to 5 feet in length and weigh up to 25 pounds.  That's over 3x the size of me, one small JellyBean!

 Charles Darwin, who I will talk about in a later post, thought these were the ugliest animals he discovered on the islands!  
Perhaps they are not ugly, but beautiful in their own way?

I love my beautiful new Dragon friends!

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Anonymous said...

We think they are absolutely GORGEOUS!

Teddy Bear said...

Wow, look at those huge dragons. We think they are beautiful in their own way. How close did your Mom get to them?

Teddy Bear

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...



Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Beautiful Dragons! THanks for sharing!

Prints the Cat said...

JB, your Mom goes to so many fun places! Even the Dallas zoo! She has so much fun. Looking forward to seeing the pics from Ecuador!

(angel) Grrreta and Fam said...

Definitely beautiful in their own way.

myonlyphoto said...

Wow if I saw dragon like that, I be running with the speed of light. These are though very nice images. Thanks for sharing again, Anna :)