Friday, October 8, 2010

Water Dragons Galore!

 Wowza, YOWZA!  Those are some scary looking Water Dragons!  
I did some research and found out that these are actually swimming Marine Iguanas.  They have adapted to the Galapagos Islands and are endemic also, and found nowhere else in the world! 

 There were piles and piles of them everywhere. 

 Many were warming their body temperatures on the rocks in the late afternoon sunshine.

 Mom did a great job reporting and was careful not to step on any of my new friends!  This was difficult as their coloring camouflaged them very well.

The Marine Iguana has the unique ability among modern day Lizards to be able to live in the sea and also feed from the sea. 

They like to eat lots of green algae.  
Did you know, they can dive over 30 feet down into the water!

I was astonished at how many new Marine Iguana friends mom found for me.  
Then it was time for mom to hike back to the Expedition Ship to continue her journey.

 Along the way back, a Galapagos Hermit Crab popped his head out of his shell, and pleaded to be my friend too!  He told mom that his particular species is also endemic only to the Galapagos Islands!

Lo and behold, when mom's group got back to the beach to pick up some of their gear before boarding the Ship, look what they found!

What a great report, mom!

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NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Your mom's new pal must have wanted to follow her home and meet all of WOO!

Thanks fur sharing these great pikhs!


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

THose are great new friends! It looks like one wanted to help Mom with her bags!

Teddy Bear said...

Wowza is right! The water dragons are ginormous!!! Your Mom sure is brave. My Mommy saw two tiny lizards at church last week and screamed like she'd seen a monster. Girls! The Sea Lion looks so cute.

Teddy Bear

myonlyphoto said...

Yeah wow mom great report!
Images are stunning, surreal, super, and I can keep going.
Anna :)

Prints the Cat said...

The marine iguanas look prehistoric. Do you by chance know why they were piled up together? Is it to keep warm?

The last photo of the sea lion is very cute!

My Mom has got to visit the Galapagos Island one day. She's a good reporter!