Monday, December 6, 2010

More Animal Friends, Four by Two, and a Slithering Friend!

The Galapagos Islands adventure continued on.  Ok, mom, now weren't you getting just a little bit silly on North Seymour Island?

As mom and her friends were leaving the Boobies and their nests, they tried to pretend they were just like.....

These four Marine Iguanas, all lined up in a row!  
Very funny, mom!

Then what did mom come across?

These two Swallow-Tailed Gulls!

And they were preening their feathers in unison!

There were some juvenile Swallow-Tailed Gulls on the ground, who were just fledglings and learning to fly.  They look quite different than the adults!

Then mom almost stepped on this slithering new friend of mine!  
It is a Galapagos Snake and it is endemic to the Galapagos Islands!

So wehre did your Big World Assignment take mom next?  
To see some pretty little birdies and some GINORMOUS tortoises!  
Stay tuned!

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Teddy Bear said...

Such cool birds! We're love seeing all your new friends.:)

Teddy Bear

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Your mom gets to see the khoolest pals!

Thanks fur letting her share them with us!


The Luke said...

Awesome pitchers! I specially loved the unison preenin... but did not love so much the slithery creature!

Bring on the tortugas!!!

wif love from the Luke

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Those are interesting friends. We love the picture of your Mom and her friends!

Deetz said...

Holy smokes on the snake! I miss you JB and mom is so busy these days with this and this and that and this and that...crazy! She said she almost won the lottery for us...she got the first two numbers and then it all went to shit. She said maybe next time!

myonlyphoto said...

JB your images are priceless, and thank you for sharing.

JB I want to wish you a happy holiday season filled with love and peace, good health, and happiness. I am so glad to be part of your blog. Always enjoy to be here, and always enjoy you when you visit me. Best wishes in 2011. Anna :)

(angel) Grrreta and Fam said...

Those are really beautiful pictures of your new friends. It looks like your mom did an excellent job on her Big World assignment.