Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have Animal Friends in Aachen, Germany too!

Continuing on with mom's November Big World Assignment......Since the border to Germany was so close to the Castle that mom was staying in, mom drove to Aachen, Germany to see if she could find me some German animal friends.

Mom went to the center of town to see the Christmas Market, and she met Monty!  
He was a true Deutsche Dog, and he said he would gladly be my friend!  He asked mom:  "Sprechen zie und JB Deutsch?"

Then mom tried to play a trick on me again, and told me she met a really "HOT" Dog.  I told her to stop playing games with me immediately, and to get back to work! 

Mom said, "Ok ok, here is the next friend I found for you".  A group of Pigeons, who wanted to eat the rest of the really HOT Dog!

This male Blackbird, which is a type of Thrush, was too late to get much of the HOT Dog that mom was feeding the Pigeons.

Mom said that is all the friends she found for me on her short Big World Assignment to Germany.  She missed me and my siblings a lot though, so she bought a ceramic Cat plate, thinking of us.

Ok, that was not too exciting mom.  
Will this Big World Report get any better than this?

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Honk, Honk....Animal Friends from Holland!

nbuerMom's last Big World Report took so long to post, that I now have to backtrack to mom's Big World Assignment to Holland, which took place last November 2010.
Mom has family in Holland, so she goes there somewhat often.

Mom always wanted to stay in a castle, so I reserved her a room for a couple of nights in the Kasteel Geulzicht, near Valkenburg, in the Limburg area of the Netherlands.  I asked mom to look for a castle cat, but she could not find one.

But mom did meet a whole gaggle of Greylag Geese, near the castle!
Honk, honk, it's JB's mom!  Honk, honk.

Did you know that Geese also cross the road to get to the other side, just like chickens do? 

 Then mom went on a walk from the castle through some muddy trails, still searching for animal friends for me.
Mom:  See what I do for you, JB?  Do you know that my shoes were ruined after this walk?

 She found a Great Blue Heron standing on a tree high above a house.

 And also what looks like little Brown Shrike birdie flying around.

 Then mom tried to be funny, and told me when she got back to the castle, two Lions wanted to be my friends!
Very funny, mom, and not acceptable!  These Lions are not real!

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