Friday, March 11, 2011

Missing Piggie Alert: Has Anyone Seen Bacon?

Before mom left Holland, she went to check on my animal friends at the Haarlemmerhout, which is the oldest public park in the Netherlands.  These animals live here for educational purposes for little humans to learn about them.  I wrote about these animal friends back in 2008 also.

Mom's aunt sponsors an animal each year to help pay for their care, and this year, she sponsored Bacon the Pig.  I asked mom to go meet Bacon, and to make sure he was not really "Bacon"!!
Mom went around asking all the animals if they had seen Bacon.

Us Chickens, have not seen Bacon, sorry!

No, this is NOT Bacon on my head!  No sirree!

The hairs on my chin, can not detect Bacon anywhere......

Bacon or birds, birds or Bacon......the choices are utterly tantalizing!

Peacocks prefer pretty flowers and bugs, to pork.  I have no use for Bacon.

Royal Dutch Bacon Patrol, at your service.  Ok, so I am an Egyptian Goose, but I live in Holland now, so I am essentially Dutch!  No Bacon sightings, I am afraid.

Nobody has seen hide nor hair nor HAM of Bacon.

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Angel, Kirby and Max said...

We hope Bacon was just sleeping somewhere!

Ariel said...

Hope Bacon is okay :)

Ariel said...

My blog was not allowing comments it has now been fix :)

Prints the Cat said...

Uh oh, what happened to Bacon? I hope your Aunt inquired about him.

sdsfasda said...

Don't they just eat that Bacon?
I have the impression, the last goose lies.