Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pet Retirement Home?

What would happen to your pets if something happened to you?  Do you have a plan in place for their care?

Mom has been pondering this important thought with me, and she recently took a drive down to College Station, TX, to the Stevenson Companion Animal Life Care Center

The Center houses many cats and dogs and even a llama!  These pets have been placed here by their owners, when the owners passed away, and arrangements were previously made in the owners' wills.

 Mom did not know what to expect, but found when she got there that the center was very much like a real home.  Cats and dogs are able to have free reign of the home, and hang out wherever they want.

These cats even have a SunRoom where they can get furtans!

Mom met some of the residents, like this guy, who was named Win.  He came to live here with his two other siblings, Chance and Dice, when their owner passed away.

The center is part of the Texas A&M Veterinary School, and students are on staff at all times, to care for and love the animals.

The animals get vet care, grooming and lots of scritches too.

Uh, some of the residents seem a bit well fed, like Chance here! 

Mom is continuing her pondering and research, as this Center is a bit expensive, but she does feel comfortable with the arrangement, if she decides to go with this place.

Do you have a plan in place for your pets?
Lots of pets who lose their owners often end up in kill shelters and this can be prevented by having a plan for your pets.
Think about it today before it is too late.   
Your pets Thank You!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hungry Alpacas with LOVE!

So mom was minding her own business the other week, riding her bike, when she heard a little voice......

"Are you JB's mom?"
Mom stopped immediately and looked to see who was calling her.
It was an Alpaca animal friend!

 There were a few Alpacas, and they called mom over, as they were hungry.  They asked mom to please feed them some grains from the food bag that was outside their corral.  
Mom gladly did so!

The Alpacas were ever so grateful!

 Then they told mom, that she must send me, JB, as message.  
They wanted to let me know they are happy to be my friends and they wanted to send me some Alpaca LOVE! 

I will ask my mom to send them some JB LOVE from me, next time mom sees them!

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