Friday, September 30, 2011

A Ride Through the Air to Search for Animal Friends!

So I gave you one clue in my last post, as to what would be next!  Mom went on a hunt (not literally) for some Swiss Ibex!   
What are they, you might ask?  

You will see soon, but first mom had to take a scary ride through the air in a gondola, to the top of the Stockhorn mountain peak, at 2190 meters high!  (7185 feet) 

 When mom got to the top again, she was distracted by mountain flowers.....

.....and more stunning views!
 Mom kept looking for animal friends for me, but found none at the peak.  

So on her ride down in the gondola, look at who she saw!
It was a group of Swiss Ibex!  These are wild mountain goats that live high up in the Swiss Alps.

Mom tried to get a closer look from the gondola she was riding in, but this is the best shot she got.  Mom said the group looked like young Ibex and many females, so they did not have big horns like the males would.

Mom stopped at the halfway point down the mountain to hike around this pretty lake, the Hinterstockensee.

Mom searched and searched for animal friends for me around the lake too, and all she found was this TINY Frog.  He was not much bigger than mom's thumbnail, and hard to photograph.  
Wow, mom, how did you even find him if he is so tiny?

 The last animal friend mom saw on this day at the parking lot of the Stockhorn, as she was leaving, was this Swiss Army Dog!  Mom had to be very discreet taking this picture as she did not want the Swiss Army to come after her!

Stay tuned for my next Swiss post!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

A Great View, a Bear, and a Sea Monster?

When mom was on her Big World Assignment to Switzerland, she had to have a base where she could start each daily Big World Expedition from.

Wowza, mom!  What a great view you had from your balcony!  And that is the Niederhorn mountain peak there on the right!  And people were enjoying themselves swimming in the cool lake water.

Mom's base camp was the Hotel Jagerhof-Hubertus in the lake resort town of Faulensee, on the Thunersee.

 Mom told me that when she checked in, she met a Bear. 
Very funny, mom.  You know I only like LIVE animals!

Mom was able to see a kaleidoscope of scenes from her balcony.  And when daytime turned to dusk, what did she see?

A black Sea Monster!

Well, it was not really a "Sea Monster".  It was a Dog, who was maybe of the Pointer variety.  He wanted to keep swimming and his owner kept whistling for him to come out of the lake.  Mom watched them for quite some time.

Finally the dog got out of the water and they went on their way.  I bet they have no idea they are now famous on JB's Big World blog!

And here is a clue to my next animal friend.
Stay tuned for more details in my next Swiss post!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Duck, Duck, Duck....COOT!

Continuing on with mom's Big World Assignment from Switzerland!  Mom got herself down from the Niesen mountain safely.  

If you look at my last post, mom stayed near the town of Spiez, near the Schloss Spiez,  shown in one of the pictures.  I am one smart cat.  Schloss means Castle in German!
But what happened to your picture, mom?  Is this the Leaning Tower of Spiez?? 

So mom told me she was searching for a Castle Cat all over the castle, but I think she was just sight-seeing!
Well, if we must sight-see, then I bet I would look really cute sleeping inside this old fashioned Bed in a Box, don't you think?

 Then mom said she climbed to the very top of the castle tower, and she saw a Bear!
Very funny, mom!

Mom:  Ok, JB......I walked down to the marina and I found you a whole bunch of new friends!  Take a look!

Wowza, feathered friends are my favorites!   
Mom, is this a White-Cheeked Pintail Duck?

Is this a female Tufted Duck?  I don't see much "tuft"! 

"Honk, Honk, JB."  We are extraordinary not ordinary Swiss Ducks!

"Woot, woot!"  Cool, mom!  You found me a COOT friend too!

So there you have it.  
Duck, duck, duck....COOT!

Ok, what's next, mom?
Mom:  Be patient, JB, be patient! 

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Swiss Pyramid - Where are my Animal Friends?

Mom's Big World Assignment took her many places in Switzerland.  She decided since she was in the Bernese Alps region, she should search for animal friends on the top of the famous Swiss Pyramid, the Niesen!

The Niesen is shaped just like a pyramid!  At it's peak, it is 7,749 feet high.

So mom had to hitch a ride on the Niesenbahn funicular from the town of Mulenen.  It was a steep trip up the mountain.

About 2/3 up the mountain, mom found some new Swiss Cow friends for me.  She asked them what animals live at the top of the mountain.  They said to take a look at the animal guide when she got there.

 After traveling through some clouds, mom finally made it to the peak of the Niesen!  And what a view!  She was able to see all around, including the famous peaks of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau!
But mom, where are the animals?

Mom found the guide that the Swiss Cows had referred to.  Mom never saw any of the animals listed though.  Animal friends she could have found for me were Alpine Chamois, Alpine Ibex, Roe Deer, Red Deer, Ermine, Stone Marten, Red Fox, Alpine Marmot, Mountain Hare, Golden Eagle, Black Grouse, and Yellow-billed Chough!

Purrsonally, I think mom was looking for alpine flowers instead, like this Alpine Thistle!

Mom, what about taking a hike to find some animal friends up there?  Mom said she did not want to hike for hours, so she just walked a bit to the other side of the Niesen peak.

No animal friends.  Just stunning views that were distracting my mom on her Big World Assignment!!

Like this view of the town of Spiez on the Thunersee, which is where my mom's aunt lives.

Finally when I thought mom's Big World Report was a complete failure, mom found me a Dirty Swiss Dog friend!  
His feet are filthy!  I think he needs a bath!

Stay tuned for the next installment of mom's Big World Assignment to Switzerland!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

No Lions, No Tigers, Just BEARS!

Mom has not been traveling much lately, but she did go on a new Big World Assignment to Switzerland a week ago.  I told her she must find me some super special animal friends, and she did!

Who do you think this foot belongs to?

 It belongs to one of my new Brown Bear friends of Bern, Switzerland!!

This is a view of the new Bear Park that was opened in 2009.  It is located along the banks of the pretty river Aare.

 Bears have been kept in Bern since the year 1513!  They were kept in the city itself till 1857, and in a small bear pit after that till they got this nice new home in 2009!

You will notice Bears all over Bern, as the Bear is the mascot of the city of Bern.

I like my new Brown Bear friends!  

 And just look how cute their bear claws are.....almost as cute as my JellyBean paws!

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