Friday, September 30, 2011

A Ride Through the Air to Search for Animal Friends!

So I gave you one clue in my last post, as to what would be next!  Mom went on a hunt (not literally) for some Swiss Ibex!   
What are they, you might ask?  

You will see soon, but first mom had to take a scary ride through the air in a gondola, to the top of the Stockhorn mountain peak, at 2190 meters high!  (7185 feet) 

 When mom got to the top again, she was distracted by mountain flowers.....

.....and more stunning views!
 Mom kept looking for animal friends for me, but found none at the peak.  

So on her ride down in the gondola, look at who she saw!
It was a group of Swiss Ibex!  These are wild mountain goats that live high up in the Swiss Alps.

Mom tried to get a closer look from the gondola she was riding in, but this is the best shot she got.  Mom said the group looked like young Ibex and many females, so they did not have big horns like the males would.

Mom stopped at the halfway point down the mountain to hike around this pretty lake, the Hinterstockensee.

Mom searched and searched for animal friends for me around the lake too, and all she found was this TINY Frog.  He was not much bigger than mom's thumbnail, and hard to photograph.  
Wow, mom, how did you even find him if he is so tiny?

 The last animal friend mom saw on this day at the parking lot of the Stockhorn, as she was leaving, was this Swiss Army Dog!  Mom had to be very discreet taking this picture as she did not want the Swiss Army to come after her!

Stay tuned for my next Swiss post!

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Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Your Mom did find some interesting friends!

Prints the Cat said...

I can see why the Ibex live on that mountain. It is gorgeous there!

Though your Mom claims to be there in Switzerland on a Big World Assignment and she DID manage to find you some animal friends, I am wondering if she was visiting Switzerland because of the picturesque views. Can you imagine how wonderful it'd be sunning or strolling around the lake or mountain? Us cats would find some interesting things!

Pippa said...

What an excellent trip. We have just read through your mom's assignment and looked at all her wonderful photos. What sort of dog was that Swiss Army Dog? A GSD? You need to provide lots of dog info for your dogpals you know.