Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lake Brienz, and Ballenberg Animal Friends!

Mom continued on with her Big World Assignment, and next stop was the beautiful Lake Brienz.

Mom went searching for animal friends in the town of Brienz.  She seemed to only be sightseeing again like here at the Brunngasse street which had buildings that were hundreds of years old.  
But where are the animals, mom??

"Just wait, JB, just wait", said mom.

The next stop was nearby.  It was the Ballenberg, the Swiss open-air museum.  It was an outdoor museum showcasing century old buildings from all over Switzerland.  
But I did not want to see more pictures of old buildings.....

.....I wanted to see animal friends!  Mom redeemed herself with lot of new friends for me here like this white Goat!

And this Cock-a-Doodle Rooster!

How do you do, Mr. Scottish Highland Cow!  My, what long wavy hair you have!  Wow, and I think I see some Fly friends hanging out there on your nose!

Then mom saw something she had never seen before.  A very large muddy Mama Hog nursing Piglets!

It's the "3 little Pig-lets"!!
Good thing there was no Wolf around, and no house to blow down.

And that is the "End" of this Post.

Before you go, please stop by JB's SMALL WORLD too, thanks!


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Those are some nice friends, especially the piglets!

Prints the Cat said...

The buildings that are hundreds of years old, how is it that they continue standing? Part of the buildings seem to be made of wood. Doesn't wood deteriorate? Or do they change it out every few years? Mom would like to know the trick to have wood last for years and years.

Very nice portraits of the white goat, rooster, and and Mama pig and pigletes. They piglets are very cute! Where did your Mom find these new friends?

My parents missed Ballenberg on their trip. It was on the agenda, but for some reason PapaCat and Mom didn't make it. At least they got to see Ballenberg on that travel show with Rick Steves.

Prints the Cat said...

I came back to visit your Big World blog hoping to see more pictures of Switzerland, ahem, I mean, animal friends (My Mom can't seem to transcribe very well tonight). But, I see it's only been 2 days since you last posted..... guess I am anxious!

Bruce said...
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myonlyphoto said...

JB nice to see you that you are still blogging, and your photos are amazing as always and great quality. Love them all, you always show something great in action.
Hope all is well otherwise. Anna :)