Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Swiss Lizard and Where is the Castle Cat?

Mom submitted another Big World Report from Switzerland!  This time, mom decided she had better go by water on a boat and see what animal friends she could find for me!

   Here is her boat, coming to pick mom up.  It is called the Bubenberg, and it makes daily trips all around the Thunersee, which is the lake where mom stayed.

Mom kept trying to catch the schedule of the Blumlisalp boat, which is a paddle steamer, but it only runs once a day, and she kept missing it.  She saw it from her hotel room though!

 Mom told me she disembarked from the boat to look inside the Oberhofen Castle for a Castle Cat!
The castle had two towers, so I bet that is where mom would find the Castle Cat.

 Once she got inside, I think she got distracted looking at art.  Mom!!!

 Mom climbed to the top of the large tower of the castle and found a Turkish smoking room where people used to smoke in the olden days.
Do you suppose the elusive Castle Cat might be up here somewhere, overloaded on Catnip?

Mom said she had a surprise when she was leaving the castle, and all was not lost on this Big World Report.
Hey, I bet that Castle Cat is hiding in that cute little tower with his Catnip!!

Mom then showed me that she found me a Lizard friend!  It looks like a Common Wall Lizard! 
Who knew that there were Lizards in Switzerland?

 "Guten tag, JB!  Ich bin eine Schweizer Eidechse!"
I am a smart cat, and I think he told me he is a Swiss Lizard, in German!

It was time to go back to the hotel, so mom had to take the boat back to the side of the lake where she was staying, and she watched some of the lake activities, like this kite surfer.

A thought I must ponder.  There sure was a lot of sight-seeing going on and not a lot of reporting on animal friends.  
Something was definitely amiss on this Big World Assignment!
Before you go, please stop by JB's SMALL WORLD too, thanks!


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

WE think your Mom was enjoying her trip and not looking too hard for animals!

Pippa said...

I bet there wasn't a cat in that castle at all. I bet a smart dog like me had chased away the castle cat.


(Misery says to add that she thinks your mom's photos are stunning. Have we asked you before what camera she has?? - and does she sharpen/enhance them, or post as is?)

Prints the Cat said...

Everything looks picture purrfect in Switzerland. The lake where your Mom stayed seems to have lots of people-watching and sight seeing. Mom would like to take a boat like your Mom took. She said it looks very relaxing and peaceful.

Anonymous said...
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aisha said...
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