Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Can't My Friends Come Inside?

Sometimes mom gets upset when I invite my animal friends inside.

Of course, I have no idea why she gets so excited and upset.

Mom did not want to help me research this new animal friend, and I don't know why.  Something about not sleeping at night. 
Anyway, this looks like a baby Texas Brown Snake, and I told mom they are completely harmless when encountered!.  It got caught in a glue trap in our garage and it was just a 3-4 inches long!
RIP, Mr. Snake, and my little Beetle friend too.....

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Texas Cattle Drive!

Here we are back in Texas, and I have something to report on new animal friends nearby my house!  This event happened a few weeks ago.   Take a look!

It was a Cattle Drive taking place right through the Village at Allen Shopping Center, here in North Texas!
My new animal friends even had police escorts for their safety!

First to come through was a nice line-up of Horses with fancy pink accessories!
Then more Horse friends pulled a stagecoach through the shopping center.

Then came the Cattle!  There were a whole lot of them and they were Texas Longhorns!!

A few of them made eye contact with my mom as they walked by, and they snorted through their noses and told mom to tell me they are very ecstatic to be my friends!

My new Texas Longhorn friends have a lot of clout.  Maybe those very big pointy horns had something to do with it!  All traffic had to closely obey the signage and STOP, and let the Texas Longhorn "Cross Traffic" go by.

Very exciting to have such large new animal friends parading around so close to my house!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last Stop, Lucerne!

This is the last installment of mom's Big World Assignment in Switzerland!

  It was time for mom to head back toward the area where the airport was, so she drove over the Brunig Pass and saw more beautiful sights, like the village of Lungern and the Lungerersee.
Her drive took her from the Berner Oberland region where she had stayed over to her final Swiss destination of Lucerne. 

 Lucerne has a famous covered bridge, the Chapel Bridge, that was first constructed in the 14th Century.  There was a fire in 1993 that destroyed much of the bridge but it has been restored since then.

Mom was looking at art on the bridge, and slacking off on finding me animal friends again.  This artwork dates back to the 17th Century.  Then she told me to take a look at my Horse animal friends depicted in the artwork.  Very funny, mom.

 Again, mom liked seeing all the pretty flowers everywhere, including on this bridge.
Hey, I think I see some of my Birdie friends on the top of the bridge!

Then I guess it was "Play a Joke on a JellyBean Day" again.  Mom said she took a ride on a Dragon.  Very funny, mom.
Mom went on a boat ride on a boat called "The Dragon".  

When mom was on the Dragon boat, she then told me she saw a Red BullOk, I don't think this is funny any more, mom.
This is a Red Bull Festival held every year called Flugtag, and humans build homemade flying machines and see if they can make them take flight off a 30 foot high deck, and "here is a video".
Just plain silly, if you ask me.

Then Mom took pictures of what appeared to be a sailboat race.  
But where are the animals, mom??

Finally, oh finally, mom got off the boat and told me she saw some dirty Swans.   
I am a smart JellyBean, so I told mom, they are not dirty, they are just juveniles and they are called Cygnets!

I am not sure what to make of this last installment from mom, but I guess I will let it slide.  
Mom made her way to the airport and left Switzerland the next day.  She hopes to go back some day and find all those animal friends for me that she missed.
Next post, back to Texas!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Famous Swiss Actor Animal Friends!

My mom's Big World Report from Switzerland continues, and we apologize for taking so long since the last post.  
(I am having secretarial issues again....)

Mom decided to go check up on some new animal friends of mine, who are actors!  Wow, I have never met any animal friends who are stars of their very own play!  Mom went to Interlaken, to a clearing in the forest to see the TELL Freilichtspiele, which is a play that tells the story of William Tell.  This play has been presented every year since the year 1912, so almost 100 years in this same forest clearing!

There were human actors in the play too, and it told the story of William Tell, a drama by Friedrich Schiller, written in 1804.

The story had some funny parts in it, like this.  Humans can be very strange creatures.

The storyline is about the famous Swiss marksman, William Tell, and also the Swiss struggle for independence from the Habsburg Empire in the early 14th Century.  
I know what you are thinking....I sound like a very smart JellyBean!

So as you can see, I have new Swiss Cow friends that are very famous actors!!  They are wearing the very large traditional Swiss Cow Bells from times past. 

Then came some Swiss Horses, also very famous as actors in this play!

My Swiss Horse friends knew all their "lines" really well, as you can see!

Very exciting, mom!  I know I am a famous JellyBean, but now I also know some famous Swiss Cows and Swiss Horses!

Final installment of the Swiss Big World Assignment is coming next, so stay tuned!

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