Monday, January 23, 2012

Hoping for an Early Springtime!

As we wait for springtime to arrive here in Texas, I wanted to share a picture from my archives, that I have not posted before.  
It is of a wonderful Hummingbird!  I think it is a female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, and only the males have ruby throats.
Winter has been mild and I hope spring comes quickly, so I can see lots more Hummingbirds real soon!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From a Water Fowl Perspective, Tanning is Not Just for Cats!

Mom has been on Big World hiatus lately, so I have not had too many new animal friends to write about.   
I told her she must at least find me some new Texas friends, so she did!

Follow the Leader!  Are these Ducks really following the lead of the Gull?  That seems pretty silly to me!   
Or maybe they are just trying to soak up the sun like cats do?

Mom stopped by McKinney Towne Lake, a recreation area, which is nearby my house.  There is a large lake and lots of Water Fowl there.  Water Fowl are really large birdies, so you can understand why I like them a lot!

One of the Canada Geese honked out a big announcement to let all the Water Fowl know that my mom was there!

 Some of the Water Fowl had 'tudes, like this White Chinese Goose!  "Honk, honk!  JB's mom, are you lookin' at me??"

This Muscovy Duck, looked like he needed a makeover!  This guy sure is, uh, interesting looking!  
Maybe he is part Ugly Duckling variety?

Then as mom was walking away, she caught sight of a very beautiful Great White Egret, along with more suntanning Ducks.  
Mom then realized that Ducks and Cats are quite similar, and we both enjoy a good FurTan or FeatherTan!

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