Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rescued Big Cats, Part I - Catnip or What??

I have been researching and become very interested in the similarities between Big Cats vs Little Cats like me, so I sent my mom on a Big World Assignment this past weekend to the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center.
You know how I like to stay educated because I am a real Smarty Cat!

 My first bit of research was about some handsome White Lions (they have the recessive "chinchilla" or "color-inhibitor" gene) who were rescued from an entertainment venue, and had not been properly cared for.  Their names are Shazam and Jazz, and you can read their stories in the links here linked with their names.
But why is this Lion sitting amongst pizza boxes?

A very interesting weekly enrichment program goes on here at In-Sync Exotics.  These Lions go wild over horse poop in pizza boxes!   View their video here:
So a thought I ponder, would I like horse poop as much as these Big Cats, or would these Big Cats like Catnip as much as I do, being a Little Cat?
Mom says I am not going to be able to test this theory.

After the White Lions rolled in the horse poop, they took a nap.  Just like a Little Cat, like me, after I roll in Catnip!

 At the Center, were also some other Lions like this Barbary Lion, named Aramis.  He was rescued from a private owner, where he was completely uncared for. Hey, he sticks his tongue out when he sleeps too, just like me!

This appears to be another Barbary Lion, and could be Aurora, also rescued from the same private owner, in equally bad condition as Aramis.

Mom apologizes for not taking better notes on this Big World Assignment on the Big Cats' names.  She did say she enjoyed herself very much and did not think she would, seeing Big Cats enclosed like this.  The viewing areas allow visitors to be as close as 3 feet from the animals!  All the animals are rescued so they are definitely living a better life now than with their previous owners.

Rescued Big Cats, Part II - Coming up in my next post!

Before you go, please stop by JB's SMALL WORLD too, thanks!


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Mom has heard of that place but never been there. Now she wants to go!

SHe also heard there is a big cat rescue in McKinney somewhere around the airport, but can not confirm that!

A coworker of hers (when she and he both had jobs) took some beautiful pictures of tigers at one of these places. He gave Mom a beautiful photo!

Shane Kent Louis said...

wow, those lion looks scary, but when I see the photos of Dinari's tongues out, I almost laugh out loud because he so cute on his post :D

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Chemyn said...

Thanks so much for visiting our cats, we're so glad you enjoyed it!

Prints the Cat said...

I think my question would be:

Does that horse poop have catnip in it?

Thanks for the video and the educational post! It's all very interesting!

Pippa said...

You know that lions are secret dogs don't you? I often get called a lion, (when I'm not being called a wolf) and I lie just like those big cats. And I have a little pink tongue like that big liondog too.

So my conclusion is those big cats are more like big dogs like me than little cats like you.

Pippa - Liondog.