Thursday, April 19, 2012

Frogs Don't Like Catnip

 There's a frog on my blog.
I think he is tame.
He came from the pond,
As he hollered my name

I asked him for friendship.
He said, Ok sure!
But don't share your catnip,
Or this will all be a blur!

Frogs don't like catnip.  
I just don't know why.
But this frog is so hip,
Cos we both do LOVE flies!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

This Friend was not to my Mom's Liking!

Sometimes some of my animal friends like to come inside my house.

When we had the last really big rain, it happened again, and this guy slithered into our garage.  
I guess snakes don't like to get wet, just like me!

This is my friend, the Eastern Ribbon Snake.  He is a relative of the Garter Snake.  My new friend has some differences from the Garter Snake, however.  He is thinner and his tail makes up one third of his body.  He also has pure white lips and a white dot above his eyes.  Those are the characteristics of an Eastern Ribbon Snake.

Mom was not pleased.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Flowers or Friends??

So a couple of weeks ago, mom told me she was going on a Big World Assignment for me to the country, just east of our house here in North Texas.

  She said it was so treacherous getting out there, she had to have her friend drive her big truck.  Mom made it sound like this was going to be a big adventure and a wonderful report, with lots of new Animal Friends for me.....

....but what is this mom?  Were you looking for Flowers or Friends??  Mom said, these are some Texas Bluebonnets.  Can't they be your friends?
Very funny, mom!

Mom had arrived at Anderson Farms.  This land has been farmed by the same family since 1869, and is located in Farmersville TX.  They have had a nursery open to the public now since 2008.

"Hey, are you JB's mom?"  Mom looked and saw the resident Garden Dog.  His name was Rascal, and he was the Nursery Supervisor.  Mom hollered back at him, "Yes, I am!  I am here to buy Flowers, uh, I mean, I am here looking for Animal Friends for JB!" 

Mom proceeded to load her cart with lots of Flowers, but no Friends for me.

While leaving the farm, I see mom was also looking at the pretty scenery too, rather than finding Animal Friends for me.

Then what did I  see in mom's report?  A single Donkey.  The Donkey told mom he was grateful to be my friend because he was lonely standing all by himself by the side of the dirt road. 
I am glad this Donkey is my friend, and so is the Donkey!

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