Monday, June 25, 2012

Fierce Store Security Guard

Continuing on with mom's Big World Assignment in Holland.  Next up was this fierce looking store security guard, of the English Bulldog variety!  He was keeping watch over a jewelry store in the town of Leiden.

He was very gruff with mom and said he was on duty so he could not talk.  Mom kept trying to pester him, to agree to by my friend.

But he was very adamant that he was on duty and he turned his head away from mom to watch the exit of the store.  He said if mom would please leave him alone, he would send me a peemail later and accept my offer of friendship.

That was weeks ago, and I am still waiting for that peemail.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Horsie Friends, and a Crazy Woman!

 Next stop for mom, was a visit to Limburg, which is in the Southern part of Holland.  Mom saw a couple of new animal friends for me and stopped the car immediately to talk to them!

 This friendly Horse, came trotting up to the fence right away to say hello!  "Please tell JB, I am very excited to be her friend", he said.
"Click, click, click", went mom's camera!

"JB, you really need to control your mom with that camera!"  
Uh oh, mom used the flash on the horse and he had to run away!

"I am just a small Pony.  I better keep my distance from the crazy woman with the camera!  JB, your mom is nuts!"

Oh dear, mom, you must be more discreet with your photo taking skills!  You are scaring my new friends away by taking so many photos!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kritters in Katwijk!

 Mom's next stop in Holland, was at the beach at Katwijk, just a bit north of Scheveningen, from my last post.
Mom, those are cute little houses just my size!

 Mom found the beach easy enough, as there were some of my Sheep friends standing on the grass covered dunes next to the sea, saying:  "Baaaah, baaah.  Oveeeer theeere!"

 While mom loves the sea, this beach was a bit more dirty looking than the one in Scheveningen. 
Mom....what is that scattered all over the sand?

 I found out it is a bunch of abandoned houses from my friends, the Razor Clams!  
Do you suppose they up-sized to new bigger houses?  
Mom said she did not want to  tell me what really happened to them....

 Mom kept walking, but then leaped into the air as she almost stepped on my Blue Jellyfish friend!!  He just swam in from the North Sea, to meet my mom.

 Then she leaped in the air again and almost fell flat on her face trying to miss this invisible Moon Jellyfish!  He swam in too to say hello.

Then, as "luck" would have it, mom did not step on my new Ladybug friend, but he so eager to be my friend that he flew out to the sea to meet my mom too!   
My new Ladybug  friend is my most favorite friend of the day!

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Arctic Sea Gulls Are My Friends!

After mom met the pesky European Starlings in the last post, she went in search of some more animal friends for me in Holland! 

Next stop was the beach at Scheveningen!
Look mom, look!  I see birdie friends in the distance!

Mom was very hard at work on her Big World Assignment, looking for my birdie friends. 

Then she saw real evidence of my new friends, and found some birdie pawprints!

There were lots of Sea Gulls playing in the water on the beach!  They appear to be Arctic Gulls from their coloring.

Mom enjoyed doing this Big World Report because the day was gorgeous and the sea was so pretty.  
The Gulls showed mom around a bit, and then....

....they flew about their business.

Mom then walked back inland, past the Scheveningen Pier, and went in search of more animal friends for me in Holland!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Feathered Friends at Mom's Table

Mom's most recent trip and Big World Assignment took her first to Holland. She goes there a lot to visit family, plus she just loves the country.

Mom decided to go visit the town of Volendam, since it has been a while since she had been there, and it was such a peaceful town last time she visited.  Mom walked around a bit, but eventually she got hungry.

Mom decided to eat Pannekoeken (Dutch pancake), so she stopped at a waterfront cafe.  Immediately she thought, what interesting patrons at this cafe!  There were no people but instead there were many European Starlings hanging around, and they were very pushy with mom.

They took turns hopping onto mom's table and demanded:
"Feed me!  Feed me!"

They were not only on the table, but also at mom's feet demanding:
"Feed me!  Feed me!"
Mom thought, this sounded ever so familiar, just as if she was eating a meal at home.

Finally mom gave in, and surrendered her plate to the Starlings.

And the moral of the story?   
Persistence pays off!  
Trust me, I know, when it comes to food!

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