Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baa Baa, Bye JB's Mom

So mom is way behind in helping me blog, as usual. This is the last installment of mom's Big World Assignment to England

Mom's hotel was in Sidmouth right on the sea.  The last morning, she and the Flat Cats enjoyed one more whiff and sniff of the fresh sea air.

 Mom had very much enjoyed the stunning view from her room.

And the view of her favorite thatched roof house.

There was one more excursion to the other end of the beach, to admire the view some more.

The Flat Cats enjoyed it too!

Sadly, it was then time to take the "highway" back to the airport.

Mom stopped at a relaxing vineyard, for a last cup of English coffee.

Last but not least, mom found me some English Sheep friends.  They were standing by to bid mom farewell from jolly olde England.
These English Sheep sure have very thick fur coats!

Baa, baa, bye JB's mom!  Come back soon!

That concludes mom's Big World Assignment to Sidmouth, and Devon EnglandTill next time!

 Before you go, please stop by JB's SMALL WORLD too, thanks!


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

THose are beautiful views!

Mrs Mac said...

I didn't know you had been over here! I do love the flat cats! LOL!!! Butyou shouldn't have had coffe, you should have had tea with jam and cream fruit scones... yum!

Prints the Cat said...

I can't believe it was last May/June since your Mom went to England, JB! Time flies.