Friday, June 21, 2013

Barn Owl and Baby!

 Much delays in getting mom to help me with this blog...sheesh.  
Well, here we continue on with mom's Big World Report, with a cute new friend, the Barn Owl!  

 He also was part of the Raptor Project demonstration which was at the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, which was doing demonstrations and education about raptors.
The Barn Owl demonstrated a flying exercise and flew right over all the people's heads!

 He flew around and then went to his owner's hand..... eat meat!

 Mom does hate that the birds were in captivity, but they said the birds in this show were all injured in some way that they could not make it in the wild.  
What beautiful wings he has! 

 The Barn Owl is very widely distributed species of owls.

 And what is this?  The Barn Owl has very cute fluffy babies!

This little guy sure is cute!  Oh, and he is not an eagle owl, that was another bird.
"Hello JB, will you be my friend?"

Naturally, I am very excited to have these Barn Owls as my new owl friends!

Whoo whoo whoo, will be in my next post?  Wait and see!